Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sunny Days

When I woke up this morning, there was a layer of frost on the ground. What happened to summer? I feel like it went by in the blink of an eye. Such a shame, because I love to spend my days in little summer dresses and high heeled sandals. I like to feel sexy and feminine. Fortunately, though, the forecast was updated to get up to 64 F, so I decided I could get away with the sandals for at least one more day, even if I paired them with jeans and a nice blouse.

I played hooky today and dropped my son off at my mother's for a visit and went to Henry's city. We haven't seen each other in two weeks and his internet connection has been messed up so we haven't been able to Skype either. Texting and phone calls are nice to reduce the distance, but nothing beats physically having a person in your arms. He had planned to come and stay for a few days next week but that fell through because of work, so it had looked like we might not see each other until the next party, which would be a month from the last one. Far too long when you're in NRE! Especially when you're as tactile as we both are.

It was just so good to see him again and to be able to reach out and touch him. I got that little rush of excitement just being able to sit with him and kiss him when I wanted to :) And I did want to- often. He's a fabulous kisser and it doesn't seem to bother him to express that in public; we've been kissing pretty passionately with people all around us. It makes me happy that he's comfortable with me like that, with being seen with me like that.

We had a really wonderful day. We went shopping at a fancy little market and bought cheeses and cold cuts and wine and a baguette and strawberries and cheesecake, and went out for a picnic on the shore of a lake. With the sun shining down on us, ducks swimming and quacking, and just hanging out together... I remember thinking that there was nowhere else I'd rather be in that moment than there with him. We got a little buzzed and the talk turned sexy, so we were both dying to get back to his place and remove excess clothing! Also, we knew we didn't have much time together because I had to be back home by early evening.

I couldn't bring any BDSM gear this time, so we had a mostly vanilla time together, but it was still wonderful. Lots of hot kisses and touches and licks before we put a condom on him and I rode his cock while he was sitting on the couch. It was so good feeling him slip deep inside my pussy and listening to the sounds he made! When I got tired of riding his cock, I lay back and told him to fuck me hard. I actually love missionary sex- so connective and intimate. And I love watching him cum and feeling his cock pulse inside me... maybe one day we'll be comfortable doing without condoms so I can feel him explode and fill me up with hot cum. I've already been fantasizing about it a little. When we were making out early on, I told him to come lie with me and kiss me, and his bare cock was nestled right up against my pussy lips. I love the way that feels and it was so tempting, but not yet. We'll see what the future holds, though.

It was so hard to pull myself out of his arms when the alarm went off, but it was time for me to get ready to go home. He asked me to stay the night and go home in the morning but I really couldn't. It would have been so good to spend the night snuggled up with him, though. Oh well- in two weeks we'll have a few nights together! I'll miss him in the meantime but it always helps to have a date to look forward to when you're in a relationship involving distance.

He kissed me goodbye so passionately on the sidewalk. It really makes me feel like he wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him. It was such an amazing day. I'm happy :) And counting the days until next time!

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  1. You really need to write a novel, girl. You'd put Shades of Gray out of business. You just put it all out there and it is beautiful. I guess that means that you are beautiful.