Sunday, 9 November 2014

Magic Hands

It's been a pretty rough week- sick kiddo and tired Mom. I haven't really been feeling all that Dominant or sexy, honestly. Morgan and I had made a date to hang out on Friday but I wasn't sure if I'd be up to anything fun. She said no problem, we could just hang out and watch a movie and that would be good too. So I figured some company would be good for unwinding and I said sure, come on over after kiddo goes to bed.

So we ordered a pizza and hung out for a while and got to know each other better. I really enjoy connecting with people in various ways, and she seems like a really cool person. While I don't have time and emotional energy for another relationship, that works just fine with her since she wants to "slut it around" for a while, and I can't say I blame her because it's fun! So I think the label friends with benefits and play partners works just fine for now.

Of course, the conversation turned back to play. I wanted to see how the electric brand was looking! Pretty awesome actually. It was pretty exciting to do that! I ordered a pick that makes thinner line so that I can do a more complex design next time. I have always loved leaving marks on people so something like this was seriously awesome. Can't wait for next time :)

We found ourselves going upstairs and doing another electrical scene. It was really fun to break out some of my more intense toys and watch her wriggle! After I gave her some electric cock sucking (that's always SO fun, even if I have to keep the current low since it passes through my lips and tongue too!) she said she was really turned on and wanted to return the favour for me :) I'll never say no to that!

She went down on me and licked me to some lovely orgasms, but I was craving being filled. I asked her to grab one of my favourite dildos, a Tantus G spot with a lovely girth. And that felt great but I wanted more and more... I really needed it for some reason. I asked her if she'd ever fisted anyone before. She hadn't, but she had lovely small hands so we decided to try it. And oh, she is so good with her hands! I felt so delightfully full and she was touching all these intense places inside my pussy and I just was orgasming nonstop while she licked my clit. I haven't been fisted in more than a year, but who needs a big cock? Everyone has hands, and no cock is going to give that same full feeling and the same flexibility to touch all the good places inside me that a hand can!

I had to tap out after half an hour or so because my clit just got too sensitive. Which surprised me a little because Morgan doesn't really work it as intensely as some of my other lovers had. I think I just had so many full body orgasms that my pussy decided it needed a break! But it was so good, and we cuddled up and she said she'd really enjoyed that and would love the opportunity to please me again. Oh yes, I think she's going to get that chance!


  1. Ah, I can imagine that "lovely small hands" could be an advantage men might not be able to offer.

    Lovely post as always. Thanks for sharing these things, As a writer, I think you convey a wonderful sense of intimacy. It's very touching.

  2. Hope you saw:
    Congrats and please link back when you pass on the love!
    HH & Lola