Saturday, 1 November 2014

Halloween Surprises

Sometimes, unanticipated times can be a lot of fun! I had a pretty fantastic Halloween. I took my kiddo trick or treating in our neighborhood, then left Mark at home so I could go have a little Halloween fun myself. I wore a sexy nun costume (which led to no end of jokes from my friends about my bad habit, or having nun of it!) which was made of see through spandex and cut low, with a slit all the way up my hip and a gold cross belt. It was a lot of fun! I was invited to a house party which is more of a social get together that just happens to involve BDSM play and sex. Because it's a house party, things are pretty casual, and there are no play monitors and really no rules. The house is pretty well equipped in terms of play stations, and it's generally a lot of fun just to hang out.

I didn't have any specific plans to play at the party, but I brought one of my violet wand cases anyway, because I figured, you never know. And I do love my electric play! So I got to the party, changed into my costume, and sat down to hang out with my friends. We chatted for a while and caught up, and then one of them asked me if I'd Top her with my violet wand. We'd played before- her Dom was one of the people who has given me lessons in fire play- but this was the first time I was being recognized for my own skills, and it felt pretty good. She doesn't like intensity with electricity, but I kept the wand cranked low and used milder electrodes, and she really enjoyed it. It was fun watching her wiggle, too :)

I had taught a lab on electricity a few weeks ago and worked with a pair of play partners, who both happened to be at the party. They asked me if I'd be willing to do a more intense scene with the bottom. Oh, yes :) I don't often have the opportunity to play with a masochist who can take that much, so it'd be tough to turn down! We had a really fun scene where I broke out some new toys and really ramped things up. *Morgan, the bottom, had asked me if I'd do an electrical branding, and I said yes. I told her I was going to do it relatively lightly this time so we could see how long it would take to fade, and warned her that it was going to be rather painful. That made her smile! I decided to do a little flower on her thigh, since she left the design up to me. We had joked before the scene that it would be funny to put my initials and say "XX was here!". Funny, but not my style in a casual type of thing.

We had a really fun and enjoyable scene though, and she's already posted a picture of the brand and it looks pretty good. I was glad to be asked to be a part of it and the energy transfer was fantastic. Afterwards, we went back upstairs and she put her arm around me and we socialized a little. Then she started playing with my hair and kissing my neck, and I warned her that I was going to get turned on if we kept up with that and she smiled and said that was okay, so I relaxed and enjoyed it until my panties started to get wet, and then I suggested we head back downstairs and try out one of the beds!

Morgan is a really interesting person for a lot of reasons (aside from the physical, of course). She describes herself as transgender, although her body is biologically male, and she prefers to use female pronouns and a female name, and often wears women's clothing. She also wears nail polish and styles her hair like a woman. Either way, she's a very alluring person and I had felt myself drawn to her the first time we'd met. I am open to sexual encounters with people I click with regardless of how they identify themselves, so I figured no matter what, we'd have fun.

We kissed and touched and caressed each other's bodies before getting onto the bed. There was a kinkster watching TV in the other chair, but she said she didn't mind watching! I seem to be having interesting encounters with spectators lately! I sucked Morgan's cock for a little while, before she pulled away and started to kiss me before she went down on me. It was so good... I had a lot of orgasms and oh did I need that. It's been a while since I had really good oral. I was making a lot of noise and I'm sure all our friends upstairs could hear me. But hey, that's part of the fun and background noise at a kinky party! What was even funnier was that the kinkster downstairs with us watching TV was watching that TLC show about sex that puts you in the ER, and every once in a while a snippet of the show would float into my consciousness and it just made me laugh to listen. Then my attention would be pulled back to my pussy which was spasming with pleasure around Morgan's tongue... sigh.

She said she was happy just to get me off, but I asked if she'd like to fuck and she said she couldn't turn that down and went to get a condom. Oh, I love how it feels on the first stroke of a hard cock sliding into me! So good. We kissed and nibbled and I played with her nipples while we fucked, and managed another orgasm or two before we finished. We stayed downstairs for a little while after, just chatting, and it was good. I really like her. I'm quite happy with it staying casual, because my plate is pretty full right now, but there's nothing wrong with having a friend to play with and fuck, especially one with a golden tongue!

So, I went to the party just planning to hang out with friends, and instead I got to play twice, do a branding, and get laid. It was a pretty happy Halloween!


  1. No one describes post-sex peace better than you do. I this post you make casual sex sound totally romantic. I love all the things about you that sometimes still seem to me like contradictions, but I am getting a sense of how the pieces fit together.

  2. This is a great example of what swinging can be. Appreciating new partners for what makes them unique is so fulfilling.