Friday, 28 November 2014

My Sexy Girl

Mmmm... today was a lovely day with a lovely lady! Jennifer and I had gotten together for a BDSM discussion group a couple of weeks ago, but we were both under the weather so we didn't even kiss. It was so strange being out with her and not being able to be physically intimate! We both felt like something was missing when we said goodnight then. The last time before that where we had played was the Halloween party, and even then we didn't have sex, so it had been quite a while. It does suck when real life gets in the way of fun!

My relationship with her is pretty fantastic. The longer we see each other, the closer I feel like I get to her and the more important she becomes to me. And today, I really wanted to fuck her. We texted back and forth for hours last night until we were both pretty worked up, and the moment she walked in the door today I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth to mine. We kissed until we finally had to come up for air and the sexual energy was already crackling.

We went upstairs to my bedroom where I brought out my violet wand. She had expressed at the party that while she had enjoyed watching me do electrical play with Henry, that she couldn't wait for another chance to bottom for it. And of course, I don't need much prompting to pull out my absolute favourite toy! Now, Jennifer isn't a masochist, but like I explain to everyone, electricity doesn't have to hurt. It's all about the skill of the person using the wand, the type of electrode they use, and how high the power is turned on. So today I didn't want to hurt her... I wanted to tease her.

Jennifer is a fantastic bottom. So reactive! I loved watching her eyes drift closed while she enjoyed the sensual way I was playing with her, sliding my gentler electrodes over her body and carefully avoiding any sensitive areas for now. I wanted to slowly work her up to more. I kept upping the intensity slightly with each new toy, before I finally wired myself up so my body was electrified and kissed her deeply. It's so sexy to feel the sparks flying between our lips and then sucking on her tongue before I kissed down her neck and to her nipples. I used my fingers to trace electric trails all over her breasts and down her stomach to her thighs while she was moaning, and ran an electrified fingertip over the hood of her clit and along her labia while she gasped and arched against my hand.

I couldn't wait much longer. I had to have her, NOW. I think this was the first time I've felt such intense physical desire for her but it was so good. I slid two fingers inside her and started to fuck her very wet pussy while I licked her clit. I love the way it feels when she tightens around me and starts to moan! She's pretty multiorgasmic, and I enjoyed watching her cum over and over. It was pretty fantastic when she finally had such a big orgasm that she squirted all over me!

And then it was my turn. I needed to cum so badly! She corkscrewed her fingers into my pussy and it barely took her tongue sliding over my clit before I had an orgasm. Jennifer is pretty darn good with her mouth and I was so worked up that I just kept cumming over and over. We were both wet and messy when I pulled her up and we kissed with each other's pussy on our lips.

We went out for dinner afterwards and just enjoyed some quality time. Texting is all well and good, but nothing beats reconnecting in person. It was so good to see her. I hope we don't have to wait that long next time, because I'm really looking forward to having her naked in my bed again ;)


  1. Wow, I love your passionate intensity in this post all the way from the urgent texting, though the first starving kisses, all the way down to cumming over and over.

    Thanks. Very beautiful.

  2. You have quite the way with words. Really enjoyable to read. It's a scene at which I'd love to be a fly on the wall. Seeing such intensity and passion would be quite a delight.