Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Oh yes, this past weekend was badly needed! It was our big quarterly play party, and it always sells out in a hurry because it's so much fun! Jennifer and Henry both planned to go, but unfortunately we got hit by a big snowstorm and Jennifer decided not to brave the roads. I haven't seen her in a while because things keep falling through (she missed the munch as well), but hopefully we'll get to see each other again soon.

Henry and Frank came for the play party, which we figured would be interesting since it was his first play party. It was lots of fun to watch him like a kid in a candy store watching everything and meeting lots of new and interesting people. I was a little anxious that he wouldn't know how to behave, since he has a bit of an exuberant personality (rather like a puppy), but fortunately my worries were unfounded and we all had a great time. I got to socialize with friends and introduce Henry around as mine to the people who hadn't met him yet. And he was wearing his collar. I couldn't have been more happy to have him there, our arms around each other, with that strap of leather locked around his neck with a pink heart shaped lock (oh yes, I'm a romantic) and the key safely carried in my bra (what, you think that fetishwear has pockets?).

John was there, too, and it was interesting introducing him to Henry. They chatted a bit. While my relationship with John ran its course, he and I are still friends and we text occasionally and keep up on each other's lives. I have no interest in dating him anymore, but I enjoyed what we had and the time we spent together, so it was good to see him again.

We did a fun scene with hot wax and ice, which Frank really enjoyed watching. Wax was the first scene that Henry and I have done together, and I told him that I still think that was the most fun I've ever had playing with wax. I had his wrists and ankles chained together, and then tied him down to the table. Watching him wriggle and squirm and listening to him gasp was so erotic... Henry told me afterwards that he could smell the pheremones pouring off me while we played. My pussy was certainly dripping!

After we played, we went and cuddled on the couch next to another couple who was practically fucking- she was sitting on his lap with her tongue down his throat. But, they still had their pants on- it was a no-sex party, unfortunately. Henry suggested no one would notice given that I was wearing a long skirt, but I decided it wasn't worth the risk of being kicked out of the party! I happen to like attending that one. But it wasn't long before we went back to my place and it felt like we got naked and his cock was inside me in a second. We fucked every which way you can imagine... so hungry for skin on skin and so much pleasure. He was inside me, and then I fucked him with my cock until he exploded. It was hot, sweaty, messy sex and we couldn't get enough of each other.

We collapsed together exhausted in bed wrapped in each other's arms and slept so deeply I'm not sure we moved at all. I woke up cuddled next to him and feeling warm and happy, his lips brushing against my cheek and hearing him whisper "I love you" in a scratchy morning voice. It was a good, good night. I needed that.


  1. So good to hear this story. I didn't know that there where party's like this.

  2. So great to hear you are getting out and having fun and sex!