Sunday, 15 March 2015

Heart on Fire

Morgan has been dating a new girlfriend lately and they're besotted with each other- it's so adorable to watch. As a result, poly or not, we've dialed things back to platonic friends because the two of them are glued to each other! But, she's been missing some playtime as a sub since her girlfriend is also a sub (Morgan switches), so she asked me if I was interested in doing a few scenes.

Was I? Hell yes! I don't often get the opportunity to play with someone who is a deep as mosochist as Morgan is. Obviously, she still needs buildup to get to those high endorphin levels, but once she gets there... Wow. I can play harder on her than I have on anyone else before and I love that opportunity! I don't reach Topspace with her because it seems that regardless of play intensity, I need an emotional connection for that, but I definitely enjoy myself.

The flower brand that I did on her thigh on Halloween had faded away, and she wanted me to do a heart on her ass, if I was up for it. We had a really fun scene where I got to use some of my more intense implements, and it was great. She's so responsive, and I love watching her move her body to be more receptive to the sensation, or listen to her moans and sighs when I increase the power on my violet wand.

When we finally worked up and I could see she was feeling pretty floaty, so I switched to my branding electrode and got to work. I did a hand sized heart outline on her ass and it was a lot of fun watching her skin redden and swell while she moaned and tried to hold still. An electric brand takes a couple of days to darken and scab over, but I can see the lines I've drawn faintly while I'm still working on it. She loves the sensation- didn't want me to stop! But the more times you trace it, the longer the brand will last, and I wanted this to stay temporary like the last one. I joked to her afterwards though that once it heals enough to play over it, it's going to be a tempting target for spankings!

She was pretty spacey when we were done, but asked me if I was willing to use my urethral sounds on her since she's planning to transition soon and that might change the way it feels. We had talked about it before, so I agreed to try it out. It really surprised me how easily the first sound slid into her cock. She was kidding around about how she's never been harder! We worked our way up to the third sound, and by then she could barely talk so I figured it was time to stop and give her some time to relax.

I love seeing the fog of euphoria when I've played with someone- it definitely means that I got it right! And I always enjoy the opportunity to take out my violet wand and play with someone who I know enjoys it. I haven't gotten to play as much lately because I haven't been in the right mental state for it, but I'm hoping to get more in soon.

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