Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Henry and I have been getting in a lot of playtime lately, which is fantastic. It keeps drawing me back to the concept of energy. When I was first starting out in the BDSM community, the person explaining to me about scenes was talking about energy transfer. That sounded so New Age-y to me, but I was smart enough not to say anything since I didn't know what I was talking about. And it's good that I kept my mouth shut, because I can't really think of another way to explain what passes between me and my partner when I do BDSM play. It's not just the type of play I do, because I can do a scene with a casual friend and then a very similar scene with Jennifer or Henry, and suddenly the energy that was playful has become sexual or romantic. It's all about my partner and how I'm connecting with them and how we're sharing the sensations that we're experiencing together.

I've noticed lately how much playing with Henry has strengthened our connection. In a very real way, whether I'm hurting him or making him orgasm, locking his collar around his neck or accepting a drink according to our protocol, it feels like saying I love you. It feels like it validates our relationship; that this is who we are and what we want. I really feel like the kink keeps us connected and in touch with each other more than it might in a vanilla relationship, since there's so much trust and communication so that we can explore together. I don't think I've ever been as mentally aroused as when I told him during our "funishment" that I wrote about last post, what I was going to do to him and waited in case he needed to yellow or red out of it. And instead, he just waited patiently for me to do what I wanted to him. He submitted himself to my desires wholly because he trusts me and loves me and wants me to be happy and that was incredible.

I've had Henry wear his collar more often when he is here, and not just when we're playing. It's a noticeably different headspace for both of us. When he sits on the floor at my feet when I'm on the couch with his head on my lap, while we watch a movie together, it just feels so right. Not that I don't like it when he's cuddled up next to me other nights :)

We had a pretty hot scene the other night, although I'm sure it wouldn't qualify for most people's idea of porn. Henry loves restrictive bondage, so I locked his collar and a steel cock ring on him and hooked a pink leather leash to the O ring on his collar. Then I put my leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles, and locked on a spreader bar so he couldn't close his legs. Then, just to make it more fun, I locked the wrist cuffs and leash to the centre of the spreader bar so he was sitting but kind of hunched over and had very little play to move his hands or feet. We did a little sensory play with claws and different textures, and then I thought it was time for some silliness. Henry had baked cookies the other night, so I put a couple on a plate about three feet ahead of him. I laughed until I cried watching him try to figure out how he could get the cookies and then get them to his mouth! And yes, sexual or not, it still turned me on like crazy :) I did reward him afterwards... unhooked the wrist cuffs from the bar and wrapped the leash around my wrist instead. Then I slid in his stainless steel jeweled butt plug and played with his cock until he begged me to let him cum. He's my good boy, so I let him :)

I just ordered a chastity device for him, a CB6000 in stainless steel. I'm not planning on locking him up full time because frankly, I like fucking him, and it's part of how I bond emotionally. But I think it'll be fun for some tease and denial play. Just enough to make him wonder if this might be the time that I won't let him cum :)

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  1. that was a very sexy scene you set up. making him struggle for the cookies although not sexual exactly is certainly a dominant/submissive game that I can easily see turning you on...