Monday, 20 July 2015

Play Party

Okay, my life has been pretty awesome the last few days. Holy crap. I need those times to get me through the tough ones.

So on the weekend Henry and I went to a party. We both had plans to play although not with each other. I had two scenes lined up with friends who identify as heavy masochists, and Henry had expressed an interest in playing with a mutual friend of ours who does erotic knifeplay.

Henry is far more of a sensation player than a masochist, and sometimes a girl's just gotta hurt someone. While I know he would accept sadism from me, because he has before and he takes pleasure from mine even if he doesn't enjoy what I'm doing, I've been craving some intensity from someone who wants that from me. So the best solution seemed to be to find a masochist to play with, who would enjoy the pain I needed to dish out. And I got lucky enough to have a very full evening planned! A friend of mine, *Krystal and her boyfriend *Gerald wanted to play with me, and then the slave of the local community leader, *Lauren wanted to as well. That was pretty intimidating!

I hadn't done a two person violet wand scene before, but I had some ideas. I put two chairs back to back, and tied them together at the wrists and then to the chair. I also wrapped some conductive rope around them in interesting places. It was so much fun! I started ramping up, and watching them process those sensations in very different but delightful ways. She giggles and laughs when I'm hurting her, and he kind of flinches and takes it quietly. It was a lot of fun. I completely lost track of time since I was in my happy place; apparently we played for over two hours! It was one of the most fun scenes I've had in a while, especially given that it was with friends and not someone I'm romantically involved with. But being able to let out my inner sadist that much... that was good. I needed that.

Afterwards I got to play with the slave of the local community leader, and that was fun too! I chained her to the table and watching her jerk and pull on the restraints and listening to her yelp was lots of fun too! She was a little more sensitive than usual today so I couldn't bring out all my heavy stuff, but we had a good time. She even asked for more of one of my electrodes :)

And then I came home with Henry, who was all covered in knife scratches (nothing broke skin), and my panties were soaked through. I knew he wanted to cum just as badly. I sucked his cock a little bit, and then climbed onto his cock. I love riding him! It feels so good to make his cock slide all the way out of me and then push back in. When I needed more, I told him that I was undecided if I wanted to allow him to cum, but he could try to convince me. He gave me those puppy dog eyes and I told him that I wanted him to make me very happy and if he did a good enough job, I'd consider letting him orgasm :) I find the carrot works very well at times!

It wasn't long before I was screaming in ecstasy while his fist was pressing against my A spot and the bed was just covered with squirt and sweat and my girl cum. It was awesome; all I could think about was the sensation of his tongue on my clit and his hand moving slowly inside me, and then fucking me harder. I was already so sensitive from all the kink at the party that I was having a harder time than usual coming, but they were way more intense than usual. It was fantastic. Finally, I pushed his hand away before I got too high on endorphins to return the favour. I only used a couple of fingers to massage his prostate this time because he was just as eager as I was to find release, and it wasn't long before his cock was spurting all over my hand. So of course, he had to clean it up before we climbed back into bed for some cuddles. There's nothing better than slowly drifting down from a cloud of endorphins wrapped in a lover's arms.

And on the funny side- after two really heavy days of sexual play, my pussy has been too sore to fuck! The spirit is willing, but the body is saying "for fuck's sake give me a break!"

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  1. Great to hear you have some fun and helped others do the same!