Thursday, 16 July 2015


You know what? I can say it. My sex life is amazing. My poor rabbit vibrator is starting to gather dust because I'm having great, intimate and connected, but also just plain bedrockingly hot sex in a variety of different expressions and ways. Holy crap.

Henry and I don't always bring our kink to bed, though. Sometimes it's just us having vanilla sex. Well, mostly. I suppose it depends how you define vanilla sex. I suspect we're still doing things that most people don't, but it's consensual and fun, so it's all good by me!

Kiddo is away visiting family this week, so I've been relaxing and enjoying some much needed down time. Yesterday while Henry was having an afternoon nap, I felt that familiar tingle in my nether regions, and found myself on Tumblr looking at my feed. There's always some pretty sexy content there! Henry and I had plans for a romantic dinner, and when he woke up I told him I wasn't sure what the more pressing need was, food or sex! He laughed and told me if I was patient I'd get both. But me, patient? :)

After dinner and a few drinks, we were both pretty buzzed. Which makes me even hornier, if possible! We wound up on Craigslist just looking at all the interesting/funny posts that people make in the Casual Encounters section. We didn't actually message anyone, but it's always a little fun to think that a fantasy might be only a quick message away. Then we decided to go upstairs and watch some porn. Henry is very aural and enjoys the sounds of people fucking and playing, so we often leave it on as background noise. I'll admit the video was pretty hot, though! Lots of fisting and DP and spanking and moaning and fucking. So of course, we got up to our own shenanigans.

Power exchange gets suspended when we're under the influence, although we still might do some light kink like a spanking or whatnot. But Henry doesn't wear his collar when we're drinking or whatnot. It doesn't rule out a lot of things, though! So, we were in bed and we kissed and made out and fucked and he gave me several awesome orgasms with his hands, before I slipped on a glove and gave him a nice fisting. He came in a huge gush all over himself, which was really sexy to see!

I was still horny, but he needed some refractory time, so we decided to go for a walk. It's been a really long time since I've gone for a walk at night, since usually I can't because of kiddo. It was so nice! Crisp, cool night air. Dead silence except for the sounds of nature. Apparently frogs sound a lot like birds!

When we came home, it was time to head back upstairs for round two. My pussy was begging for more sex! Given how high my drive is, when I say I'm going to fuck him into submission, it's pretty accurate. We started fooling around, and then I felt his hands start to caress my body and slowly work their way down to my clit. Usually I'm more sensitive and aroused during a second round of sex, so I was already having pretty powerful orgasms. When I felt his fingers inch into my wet folds, it felt like I couldn't stop cumming, especially when he started to work my A spot. I was squirting and moaning and gripping my pillow so tightly I thought I might rip it in half. Time stopped and all I could focus on was how amazing my body was feeling, and every little movement his hands and lips were making. I don't know how long I was orgasming for, but the bed was soaked and I couldn't talk anymore. I was so high from endorphins that all I could do afterwards was get cuddled and go to sleep.

I still feel amazing today. So happy and satisfied and full of love for Henry. I haven't had sex that amazing in a long, long time and I feel like I really needed it!

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  1. I can almost see the big grin on your face. So happy to hear you are enjoying life!