Saturday, 11 July 2015


My primary arousal comes from power. It's so interesting to think about. Because I don't mean it like the women out there who want to fuck powerful men. I mean that I crave power over my partner, so sometimes it's the smallest things that are intensely erotic for me. A presenter at a Master/slave conference termed it the "mental cock or mental pussy" and that feels so apt.

Last night, Henry came over while I was surfing Tumblr. It was pretty clear what direction my thoughts were going! He asked me if I'd like to play with my violet wand. I'll admit that always surprises me a little even though it shouldn't because he knows how much I love it. I know that he doesn't enjoy it at the level of intensity that I like to wield it, but that he feels his submission when he's taking it for me.

I chained him naked, spreadeagled to my bed. I briefly considered a hood or a gag, but I enjoy watching the expressions on his face and listening to the sounds he makes, so I left him the way he was. I decided that I wasn't feeling my sadism as much as eroticism and control, so I planned to step back on the intensity a little and give him an experience I knew he would enjoy.

I started off with my vampire gloves, the little pinpricks scratching gently over his skin. He loves that type of sensation and watching him shiver and moan made me smile. When I stepped it up to a set of titanium claws, I ran them gently over his cock and balls. It wasn't long before he had a raging erection. He had asked for violet wand, but I decided to throw in a few other things from his toy bag. A few interesting brushes that he enjoys having run along his skin, and then my new rabbit fur flogger. I trailed the soft falls over his face and along his body before giving him a swing across each thigh. It's impossible to hurt someone with a fur flogger, but I can vary the sensation with the strength of impact.

Then I finally took out the wand. I kept the power very low, to keep the focus on sensation rather than pain. I can vary what my partner is feeling dramatically based on what types of attachments I'm using, and I'm experienced with this toy and I know Henry's reactions well by now. I loved it when I saw his eyes roll back in his head the first time. I know I'm taking him somewhere wonderful.

When I put on my body contact probe, I can use my body parts to conduct sparks. Trailing my fingers down his body and having it feel like it vibrates or buzzes is so sexy. I brushed my lips across his and felt a little jolt. My pussy was dripping down my thighs. Nothing is more erotic than having a helpless, bound man available for my pleasure while I'm using my favourite toy on him.

I worked my way down his body and started to trace my fingers over his balls and cock. He's told me before that he enjoys the sensation of electricity as long as I don't turn it up too high :) and he was getting his wish. When I lowered my tongue to his cock I heard him sigh in pleasure. Electric oral sex is definitely a thing, and it's a lot of fun! I slowed down because I didn't want him to cum yet- I was having too much fun!

I ramped the electricity back down slowly, and then snapped on a latex glove with a smile. Henry really enjoys anal play, and lucky him, I enjoy giving it :) I lubed myself up, and slipped a couple of fingers inside him. He was still bound, so he couldn't stroke his cock, and I could hear how frustrating it was for him! His eyes were rolling back in his head from all the pleasure and he was begging me not to stop. I ran my tongue around the head of his dripping cock to tease him, but didn't give him enough stimulation to orgasm. I added a third finger and he groaned deep in his throat. And then it was time for some fun. I stopped finger fucking his ass and told him that he had a choice. He could ask me to let him swallow his cum, or we could stop.

I could see that words were difficult for him because of the endorphins flooding his body, so I twisted my fingers inside him and said to him, "Please, Princess, I would love to swallow my cum for you." I know he isn't the biggest fan of consuming his own body fluids but it's not a limit, and I wanted it. The next time my fingers rubbed his prostate, he stammered it out and I smiled devilishly. Then I lowered my mouth to his cock and sucked him while my fingers slid in and out of his tight little asshole. It wasn't long before he exploded and I made sure to get every drop in my mouth and hold it until I came up to give him a kiss. He opened his mouth like a good boy, and I told him he was. And then it was time for some chocolate and cuddles so he could come down out of the fog I put him in.

I should note that I don't subscribe to getting consent when one partner is in subspace or high off endorphins, and I wouldn't have done it with anyone but Henry because it's part of our dynamic. It's not cool to get someone to make a decision when they can't think straight and it's definitely taking advantage. But with him? I'm not sorry :) It was just another way for me to exercise my power over him, and I loved it.

He told me he was a puddle, and I loved knowing that I had done that to him. He was too worn out to give me the orgasms I had originally wanted when we started the evening, but I got pretty high off the mental satisfaction. And the sexy dreams I had afterwards. I decided not to masturbate because I figured I'd rather wait for tonight, and I find vibrators desensitize my clit a little for a few days.

I love my sex life and I could never go back to vanilla. When I lay in bed last night thinking, I realized that we could have had ten or fifteen minutes of vanilla sex like most people, I'd have had a few orgasms, and that would be that. Or, we could do what we just did, which was two hours of pretty hot sex, even though I didn't cum. It was still worth it :) And most of the time with him, I do. But the fact that I got him to a point where he couldn't reciprocate was its own kind of sexiness.

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