Monday, 8 October 2018

The Most Amazing Day

Have I mentioned that I love my husband? :D

We had such a wonderful day yesterday! I'm not sure we've actually had such a full day of debauchery before, but it was amazing. We're definitely going to have to do it again as long as we make sure we have enough time for recovery!

We had discussed that we wanted a day to reinforce our D/s connection, plus we wanted some playtime and sexy fun. So that's exactly what we did. Twelve straight hours of intimacy and kinky fun, with a dinner break.

It started in the morning, when I locked his collar around his neck, and a leather parachute around his balls and clipped some weights to it. Then I added clothespins all over his balls, and told him to cook breakfast- pancakes and bacon. I adore watching naked submissives cooking for me- and watching him squirm away from the stove when the bacon popped was hilarious! His cock was already leaking all over the clothespins.

After I ate, I slowly removed the clothespins and his parachute so that he could eat, too. We moved over to the couch where he gave me a lovely pedicure. Which doesn't sound so very kinky until you realize that he was wearing a Humbler and a butt plug, and his wrists were cuffed together. It was delightful to watch! While my toes were drying, I bought out my lovely strap and turned his ass and thighs pink so that he wouldn't be too comfortable sitting down later.

We went upstairs for a quick shower together, where he washed my hair. It's one of our little rituals together that just brings in the D/s. I put his collar back on when we got out, and then it was time for a little snack. I have always found it funny when he has to work a little harder for his food, and he enjoys playing along. So I inserted an anal hook and tied it to his collar, put him on his stomach and cuffed his hands together behind his back. And on his plate? Little round crackers, sliced meat, and sliced cheese. He was so cute making little sandwiches with his mouth! Of course, I enjoyed mine properly at the table... with my feet using his ass as a rest.

And then onto the kinky part of the day... we went upstairs and I put a blindfold on him before spending the next two hours doing sensory play. I kept changing them up... everything from soft furs to vampire gloves to leather floggers to a crop to a plastic brush to titanium claws. So much fun to watch him wiggle and squirm! And of course, to occasionally hit the top of the anal hook with a vibrator and watch the gasp as the vibrations went all the way down the hook. He begged me to suck his cock, and I laughingly denied him

Henry had really wanted a day where he could go into subspace and just relax... he was a good portion of the way there! But I figured that hook needed to come out, and he'd need a break to rehydrate and use the washroom. It wasn't long before I had him back on the bed, and this time, I chained him to our four poster so that he wasn't going anywhere! I left the blindfold off this time because I knew he was going to squirm too much for it to stay in place.

And then I pulled out our lovely violet wand. We have so much fun with electrical play- I knew I was going to show him a wonderful time. And believe me, I was enjoying myself so much I was leaving wet spots on the bed! It wasn't that long before he was gone... eyes rolling back in his head and making the most wonderful sounds. I love watching his reactions! We played for two more hours before I brought him back to earth, wrapped him in his fuzzy blanket, and unclipped the chains. We cuddled in bed while I ordered dinner to be delivered, and turned on a romantic comedy for our break. Cuddles, bonding, and pizza- what a combination :)

Of course, after a whole day of kinky play, we weren't going to forget the orgasms! Henry knew he wasn't going to last long, so he used his hands to get me to some amazing orgasms. My pussy was so sensitive I thought I was going to black out. So good.... I pushed him down and strapped on a dildo, and fucked his ass while he stroked his cock.

It was a wonderful, amazing day, full of love and kink and Dominance and trust and just general good times. I adore my husband! :)

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  1. great to catch up on the blog and this sounds so hot. I envy you two a lot...especially what your able to do to him....