Thursday, 7 February 2013

Another First Date...

I love first dates. I love the excitement of meeting someone new. The anticipation and wondering how things will go. The flirting, the eye contact, and just getting to know someone new.

*Glenn responded to my ad on Craigslist, and since he was actually able to string a sentence or two together via email and had an attractive photo, I gave him my number. Guys, if you're trying to pick up a woman online, think about what kind of impression you're making when you email her! It's amazing how many men don't seem to know or care how they come across.

Because of schedules, we weren't able to meet for about a week, so we texted back and forth. It's always nice to get a text in the morning like "Hi sexy, hope you have a good day!" I was certainly anticipating meeting him. Flattery will get a man everywhere, as long as it's not too overboard ;)

We met for lunch at a local restaurant, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was just as attractive in person as in his pictures. It's also nice to run into a gentleman who opens doors and holds your coat. We had a nice meal and good conversation. Much as I would have liked to turn it into a playdate, he had work not long afterwards, so he drove me home and we had a lovely kiss in my driveway. He was not only hot but a great kisser too, and I'm looking forward to feeling those lips again soon!

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