Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I love my husband!

No matter how good the other men I see are, I always come home to my husband. Not only is he a wonderful man who makes me very happy, but we have a sizzling hot sex life, too. Normally I'm not much for quickies... but tonight I was in the kitchen making dinner and he walked in looking very sexy. I told him I was so turned on and he gestured for me to get on my knees. I pulled out his cock and sucked it until he was hard, and then he bent me over the sink and fucked me hard. It was only a few minutes but it was exactly what I needed. So satisfying... I'm a happy wife :)


  1. I'm curious about your husband and his role in your fun times. I've been reading from the beginning posts forward, so this may already be covered in more recent posts.

    After your initial entree into being a Hotwife during your vacation, it was obvious that he had to be okay with this or you would not have continued. Is it sort of a Don't Ask, Don't Tell arrangement where he knows you are meeting others but does not get involved, or is there a desire on his part to know the details of these encounters? As I say, this may be covered later, but thought this post was a good place to ask the question.

  2. Hi JFBreak- thanks for your comment! I actually didn't realize anyone was reading me, to be honest!

    No, he has become more of a hotwife husband as time goes on. He has days where he wants to know every detail, and others where he just wants to know I was happy. But he always knows when I'm going out and with whom (and texts me for safety), and he encourages me to set up dates when he thinks I need them.

    Please feel free to ask away. Since I just kind of jumped into this blog at the year mark in our hotwife relationship, I probably will miss background.

  3. I just suggested your blog to my 250 followers on tumblr. Great stuff, I'm rock hard reading your stories and imagining my wife doing these things.