Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Familiar and Fun

I have some ongoing partners that I've been seeing over time. *Adam is actually my longest term FWB; we've been seeing each other for over a year. He's a really nice guy in general, and we email back and forth a couple of times a week just chatting about our lives. I really enjoy having a connection with my partners most of the time; the occasional hormone induced craze notwithstanding! So I much prefer something like this, where he and I are friends as well as sex partners. I genuinely enjoy him as a person with his clothes on, as well as naked ;)

The best thing about being a polyamorous hotwife is that every relationship finds its own level that is comfortable for both of us. What I have with Adam is very comfortable and familiar, but there are no real emotions there, and that works for this relationship.

Adam's situation doesn't really allow for long rendezvous, since he works and lives about 45 minutes away from me, so he usually only has an hour or two to visit before he's got to get back to his city. But he's extremely talented with his tongue and fingers, so I don't mind that his visits are quickies :) He's one of the best at licking pussy that I've ever had, and I always enjoy his attentions!

Our last two trysts had been cancelled for one reason or another, and I was really looking forward to seeing him. I answered the door in a red sheer negligee and black thigh highs, and he couldn't keep his hands and lips off me as we went upstairs.

I immediately dropped to my knees and pulled out his cock. I know that his girlfriend doesn't enjoy sucking cock, and I do :) So I like to give him some fun. It takes him a very long time to cum so I can enjoy myself with his cock in my mouth for as long as I like. I love to listen to the sounds a man makes while you're pleasuring his cock, and to feel it pulse in my mouth. I enjoy his hands on my head pulling my hair while he groans.

When he can't stand it any longer, he pulls my to my feet and I climb onto my bed and he licks me to orgasm after orgasm. I've needed it so much... I love the way he makes my body feel. Then he puts on a condom and fucks me hard until we collapse into a sweaty heat and cuddle for a few minutes before he's got to get back to work.

He's fun to see... but I'll admit he is more fun when I see someone else the same day! I get all worked up and crave more...

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