Friday, 15 February 2013

Second Date

I've still been feeling a little stressed lately, so my husband suggested I go out again and have some fun. Glenn and I had been texting back and forth since our first date, and so I decided to see if he was free. His response: "When can I pick you up?"


I put on a white and black lace bra and panty set and looked forward to showing them to him in person. He showed up half an hour later and we kissed in his car before he took me back to his condo. We made out a little and he slowly undressed me, but left my bra on while he took off his clothes.

WOW- what a cock. Long and thick. I'm used to being able to deepthroat any cock, but I wasn't able to swallow this one! Of course, it wasn't long before he was ready to cum and he covered my face and bra with it. He played with my pussy with his fingers and then licked me to some orgasms, and his cock stayed hard the whole time. I couldn't wait to feel that inside me! He went and got a condom and we fucked and it felt good but I didn't cum.

We had to rush a bit because he was expecting someone to come by, so it wasn't as enjoyable an encounter as it could have been. I guess I was craving some things and I didn't get them, so I left a little unsatisfied and came home and begged Mark to have rough hot sex with me.

Glenn's already texted me and perhaps I'll see him again but I haven't decided yet. I like him, he's handsome and well hung, but I don't know if he's quite what I'm looking for.


  1. I wonder if you would consider expanding on this post a little. Specifically, details about afterwards when you got home and begged Mark to have rough sex with you.

    I don't want to presume anything, but you mentioned that it wasn't long before he was ready to cum and he covered my face and bra with it.

    As a husband, I would be totally turned on by my wife coming home and having another man's cum on her bra. Is that something that gives Mark any excitement, or does the bra go directly into the washer?

  2. Well, when I got home, I was still worked up and really wanted more. I'm not a quickie kind of girl, and I love to be well fucked. That's not the whole point but a big part of going out with someone new.

    Mark had just had dinner though so he wasn't all that turned on. I actually went upstairs to our room and masturbated for an hour to try and take the edge off. It didn't really work- I find that toys are much less satisfying than a real man. So I went back downstairs and started sucking Mark's cock until he laughed and said okay let's go fuck. He gave me what I needed. A husband knows exactly how his wife wants to be touched and fucked, and he used me like a dirty whore that night.

    As for the bra- no, it wasn't a turn on for him. He actually doesn't like it when I come home and smell like I've been with another man. He's happier reclaiming me after I've had a shower.

    He's somewhat atypical for a hotwife husband, but as the months have gone on he has loosened up and enjoys things he didn't before, but it depends on his mood. As long as he's happy with our choices, I'm happy too. I always want to make sure he knows I love him and that he's first in my life.