Thursday, 20 February 2014

New Possibilities

So while I'm getting lots of fun Topping action at parties, I really am finding myself missing D/s. Doing horrible things to people can be a lot of fun and a definite charge, but I miss having someone kneel at my feet, or serve me in ways that give me pleasure. I've been idly looking for a new submissive since Allen and I broke up, but it seems like a lot of submissive men don't come out to munches and parties alone, and a lot of the ones online are looking for play and not a D/s relationship. But, I remember that I've got a fantastic husband, lots of kinky friends to play with, and parties to keep me busy. So I figured I'll just go on about my life, and perhaps I'll run into someone at some point.

Well, at the party a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a submissive man who was looking for an impact play scene. I declined because I'm not looking for casual play, but I expressed interest in getting to know him and potentially playing in the future. So, we decided to set up a coffee date for this week.

Well, coffee turned into three hours of chatting. While there are some places we don't mesh, we have a lot of vanilla shared interests as well as quite a few kinky ones, so I was definitely interested in spending some more time with him. There was a munch yesterday and he lives close to the location, so he invited me over afterwards to go hot tubbing.

Hmm. Hot tubbing? It's bloody cold out! I had never used an outdoor hot tub before except in warm weather like in a Caribbean resort, so I was a little uncertain about it. Mark told me I'd have a good time though and to give it a try, so I did.

The munch was really great, lots of interesting conversation and I got to catch up with some good friends of mine, and to plan some scenes for the next party (YAY more fire cupping!!!). Then I headed over to John's house and wound up naked walking barefoot through snow to get into the tub. While I was walking, I was thinking how crazy this was, but damn did the water feel fabulous once I got in. It was 101 degrees and I just wanted to melt in it. We spent over two hours in there, first just hanging out and chatting, and then getting a little more intimate with each other. He has a "no swimmers in the tub" rule, but that didn't stop us from having some fun! Mmm... lots of kissing and groping and cuddling. It was really enjoyable. When we decided to go in, I wasn't ready to leave yet. My pussy was wet and not just from the tub! We grabbed towels to wrap ourselves in and went to the living room to relax on the couch and watch some comedy shows. Not that we paid attention for long...

John, like me, is a foot fetishist, and while Allen used to rub my feet as a form of service, it was fucking fantastic having someone pay attention to my feet who gets off on it as much as I do. He spent over an hour rubbing my feet and legs, then sucking and nibbling at my toes and along the arches... so hot. So pleasurable. I was dripping wet by the time I told him to come up and get busy! I had some nice orgasms before we made out a while longer. He'd forgotten to pick up condoms so we couldn't have sex. It had been so long since I spent an evening just fooling around sexually with someone and didn't actually fuck them, but it was a lot of fun. I sucked his cock, but not to make him cum- just to enjoy myself with it. He has a lovely thick cock that I can't wait to feel inside my pussy.

And, I left some articles of clothing at his house. Guess he's going to have to invite me back to pick them up? ;)

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