Wednesday, 12 February 2014

So Cold!

It's been such a cold winter that I haven't wanted to go out to play much! Mark and I had a fabulous vacation though. Lots of hot sex, a little kink, and warm sandy beaches. Sigh... but then we came home to some ridiculous cold.

I have gotten out to a few BDSM events though, and that's been a lot of fun. I have really missed going to munches and play parties! The interesting thing is, while I haven't had any luck finding a submissive man that I'd enjoy for more than a casual scene, I do have a lot of interest from the ladies! I wonder if it's pheremones? :) All I know is, being interested in women has become much more exciting lately.

On Sunday I went to a Valentine's Day play party. I wore a red PVC and black lace dress, fishnet stockings, and thigh high black leather stiletto boots. Definitely dressed to kill! It seemed to work very nicely too, when I flirted with an attractive woman and it turned out she was also interested in flirting. We had our hands on each other for most of the night when I wasn't doing a scene. It was a lot of fun!

I got to co-Top a very hot (pun intended) scene with another sexy lady, and we had a great time. We did some fire cupping, and it was a lot of fun! I never realized how erotic fire play could be until I watched a scene for the first time and couldn't take my eyes away. Edge play feels like the ultimate in control and Dominance to me, since you have to be careful not to seriously injure the bottom. But at the same time... doing something risky like that is the ultimate aphrodisiac. I've been studying from some more experienced Doms so that I can play safely. No hurting the submissive... unintentionally ;)

I've also purchased some new gear that I'm looking forward to trying out! If the mailman had only known what was inside the big box he delivered. My favourite thing so far is the Realdoe. If I had a cock of my own, I'd be playing with it all the time! As soon as I got it, the egg end went straight into my pussy and I spent the evening walking around fondling my cock. I can't wait to use it on someone!

Sigh. Good times ahead, I'm sure!


  1. we have something in common then, 'cause I like walking around the house fondling my cock too!

  2. Hi Susie,
    Welcome back to frozen Canada. I'm glad to read you had a great sexy time in the Dominican. I must confess I was hoping you would have had some steamy adventures with a stranger like you had in Mexico with Bob (btw, your post on that first experience in the hotwife lifestyle has to be the most incredibly sexy thing I have ever read). I can't wait to read more about what you'll experience in 2014, I have a feeling you will beat the 2013 partners count (even accounting for the cold start of the year).