Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A Boot-iful Weekend, Part II

I hadn't expected to be able to go out on Sunday night, but at the last minute a couple of pieces clicked into place. John had to go home for work, my babysitter kept kiddo until Monday afternoon, and a friend offered me a ride to a BDSM party at a swinger's club in a different city. Did I want to go? Oh yes! :) Me, pass up a chance to get dressed up in fetishwear and enjoy the ambiance? No chance!

So I got dressed in a little black PVC miniskirt with buckles and a black PVC bustier with lace cutouts above the back and belly. Very sexy and curvy. Bare legs, and metallic blue nails. And of course, my lovely new boots. Sorry to the person who asked before but I totally forgot to get my picture taken! I stayed barefoot for the first hour or so at the party though!

When I realized I'd be able to go, I texted Chris, since the party was in his city and I knew he'd been thinking of going. He said yes, he'd love to play, he'd just be a little late since he had plans with friends in the early evening. He asked if I'd wait to put on my boots until he got there. I said... maybe :) If you've read back to my last scene with Chris, you'll see why I rejected all offers to help me with them until he got there!

A friend of mine who is new to the scene offered to drive, and it was going to be her first play party so I know she was a little nervous. She really had a good time though. There was certainly lots of fun scenes to watch! Not to mention all the couples and more up on the third floor fucking.

I happened to arrive at the same time as a friend of Chris' (let's call him Greg) who recognized me from the party in March. I didn't remember him but I am terrible with faces! When he told me he was a friend of Chris, I assumed he was good people, and it was pretty easy to pick out that he was a sub. I love when a sub is service oriented, and I knew I was going to enjoy his company when he offered to carry my toy bag to the dungeon. When we got there we traded Fetlife names and I took a quick peek at his fetish list. Oooh... he likes feet and massages... how delightful! In short order I was sitting on a couch making happy noises while he massaged my feet. Very relaxing while we got to know each other better. He seems to be a very nice guy- so polite and respectful, thanked me afterwards for allowing him to rub my feet. I'm looking forward to getting to know him a bit better.

Chris got there a little later on. He told me he had double booked the weekend, but when he heard I was coming to town he tried really hard to adjust his plans so we could get together. Living in different cities and neither of us driving, plus his crazy work schedule means that us getting together at a party is a pretty awesome thing! And since we have similar fetishes that not a lot of people share, it's something we both want to enjoy while we can.

The same room we were in last time was available, so we went upstairs and got busy :) My friend asked if she could watch and I told her of course! He knelt in front of me and gently slid my feet into the boots, one at a time, and made sure to take his time lacing them up so they fit my legs perfectly. It's always so sexy feeling his hands sliding up my calves and watching him focus so intently on doing a good job for me. When my boots were on, I told him to start at the bottom and work his way up. It was so hot when we looked into each other's eyes while I watched him lick the sole of my boot and suck on the stiletto heel, and flower kisses all around my toes and the base of the boot. When he started kissing my thigh just above where the boot met my leg, I could feel my pussy dripping onto my skirt. Chris and I have such amazing energy together and I always find a boot worship scene to be intensely erotic. I could see he was enjoying it as much as I was, since his hard cock was clearly straining through his boxers. I noticed we had a few spectators watching through the doorway. After he had licked and kissed all over every inch of my boots, I told him to lie down on his back. I enjoyed having one boot on him while he kissed and licked the other, and I watched the bliss on his face when I dug the stiletto heel into him. I thought it was so hot when I was stroking his cock with the sole of one boot and had the other one resting on his throat with just a little pressure. When things were starting to draw to an end, I asked him if he'd like to cum for me. His cock certainly seemed happy at the idea. He said yes, and I watched him stroke his cock over my shiny black boots before he covered them in cum. And then of course he cleaned them off carefully with his tongue. Such a fabulous time!

We talked about doing another scene that night with hot wax (I got a new toy I wanted to try out with it) but it was already getting late and the party was winding down, so we decided to save it for another time rather than possibly get interrupted. Even more fun things to look forward to with Chris! I wish he didn't live so far away or I'd definitely be interested in pursuing something a bit more serious than a casual play partner, but for now, what we share together is pretty awesome. Whenever the two of us start chatting online we both get pretty worked up. Good times :)

So it was a really fabulous weekend... Life is pretty darn good right now.


  1. A party?

    Good Lord...


  2. @Red Shoes- not sure what you mean? Parties are a lot of fun :)