Sunday, 4 May 2014

Time Flies

I can't believe I haven't really written in two weeks! Life does get in the way and I've been tired and just not feeling much like writing. I have still been seeing John- in fact, we spent the whole weekend together last week :) I always really enjoy nice long overnights with a lover. It's so nice to just do whatever we want and have no responsibilities or worries about when to get up.

I had such wonderful plans for scenes with John both on Friday, and then on Saturday with Brian. But I got some really stressful news about a friend late Friday afternoon and it really took me out of my headspace and I wasn't in any condition to play. I'm sure John must have been disappointed because we haven't had the time/space to play hard lately. I have a rule that I don't do intense play when kiddo is home even after bedtime because I won't necessarily hear if the door opens, and that isn't something I want seen (Note to self, buy bedroom door locks, although that doesn't solve the potential noise problem). I mean, when I play with Mark I don't really worry as much, although I suppose it would be nearly as scarring for a kid to see, depending on what we're doing. But I really don't want him to see me like that with a lover.

At any rate, we didn't play. But instead of acting disappointed, John held me when I was feeling down and needed it, and showed me how much he cares about me. Lots of touching and cuddling and holding hands. We also went out on a nice vanilla date for dinner and a movie, and since I don't get to do that very often I really enjoyed it. It was really an intimate weekend that deepened our connection, because it showed me that what we have together is more than just BDSM.

I do really miss the play, though, since we haven't had an opportunity to play hard since that female Dominance high protocol party in March. He has a few vacation days coming up this month so hopefully we'll figure something out soon. After all, I went to a local sex shop warehouse sale a couple of days ago and picked up some fun new toys! A thrusting rabbit vibrator for me (I love them, but given how hard I work them they don't last long), some fetishwear, a lovely rubber paddle that has a nice bite to it, and a locking stainless steel cock ring. I'm hoping it's conductive so that it can add to my fun with my violet wand.

Speaking of which, I really really want some new violet wand toys. I love electrical play, and I think it might become one of my favourite kinky activities. There's so many possibilities. Do you like impact play? Then do electrical impact play :) Do you like fire play? There's electrical fire play (which sounds awesome and I have no idea how to do it. Time to research!). How about pegging? Yup, you can do that with an electrified dildo. I just think it can add a little more spice to just about whatever you want to do. Too bad those toys are so freaking expensive. I think I might need a part time job just so I can buy some new toys! And shoes, can't forget shoes! :)

Three weeks and counting until Mark gets home...

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