Monday, 21 July 2014

Getting to Know Me... Intimately

So, I was recently asked about my masturbatory habits, and decided that I'd share them with you all here. So as you know from my writing, I'm a very sexual person. I like to fuck and I love to cum over and over. I think about sex a lot of the time, and certainly when I'm ovulating all I want to do is orgasm. I have noticed if I don't get laid for a few days, I get cranky.

It's funny, but in the 2 1/2 years since Mark and I opened our marriage, my frequency of masturbation has significantly decreased. I've found that a toy just isn't as satisfying as a real partner. I'd rather wait and have sex with someone, than have a few mechanical orgasms because a lot of times I just find it frustrating. When I'm with a partner, I get off easily and often. I had one ex boyfriend count me at 100 orgasms in an overnight visit before he stopped counting, and that's not unusual for me with a partner who knows what s/he is doing and wants to give me pleasure. When I'm using a vibrator, it often takes me a half hour or so to get worked up enough to have an orgasm, even if I was turned on before I got started. I'll have 20-30 good orgasms over the next couple of hours (that's right, if I have less than an hour, I don't even bother) but around then it starts to get difficult to cum again and I just get annoyed. I never have these problems with a person! But a few orgasms just isn't enough for me; all they do is create the desire for more...

I also find that I can't masturbate within a few days before seeing a partner. It's not that I need the buildup- I have no shortage of orgasms :) It's that my clit gets numb after a few hours with a vibrator, and it takes a few days to resensitize, which is again not something that happens no matter how often I've cum with a partner.

Rabbit style vibrators are my favourite- I really enjoy getting penetrated as well as my clit stimulated at the same time. Plays into my fantasy of getting fucked and licked at the same time, I'm sure. This is my very favourite sex toy. I've tried a few different rabbits, but the "ears" are all different lengths and some just don't touch me the way I need to orgasm. My pussy also clenches very tightly when I'm cumming, so I have a tendency to break my toys. Which is pretty sexy to think about, but it's hard on my pocketbook! I've tried other vibrator styles, including the famed Hitachi Magic Wand, but none do it for me like the rabbit does. And dildos just aren't my thing at all unless someone is licking me while I'm being fucked with it. I have never actually used my hands to cum, ever. I just prefer using a toy. Or a jacuzzi... that was where I first learned to pleasure myself.

While I enjoy porn, I prefer to watch it with a partner as part of foreplay. When I'm on my own, my go-tos are reading erotic BDSM or fetish stories on Literotica, or checking out photos on Tumblr. I think I prefer it because I can use my imagination. You know what they say about the mind being the most powerful sex organ!

I would definitely give up masturbating if I had a convenient partner around every day to lick my pussy until I can't talk anymore (and yes, that does happen... but it takes longer than most people's jaws and tongues can handle!), but until that happens, sometimes a girl's just gotta have an orgasm or fifty. Tonight I've been playing with my pussy for three hours and I just squirted all over the bed. I love the smell of hot, wet pussy. Now, if only I had someone here to clean up this mess...


  1. The thought of you cumming over and over again turns me on! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing and for the toy recommendation. I am in the market and it's so tough to tell them apart with just the online info!