Tuesday, 5 August 2014

On the Prowl

Well, I've been busy! Sometimes it's more fun to live life than to write about it!

Mark and I took a little junket to Vegas, which was a lot of fun. I met some other women who are in the lifestyle and we had a blast. I wish we'd had more time to hang out and swap stories!

We stayed at Trump Towers, which is just off the strip. The most fabulous part was that even though I scored the reservation for a super low rate on Priceline, they upgraded us to an enormous suite when I checked in! Guess there are perks to being a cute and sexy hotwife ;) Although honestly, if you met me in real life, you'd never know how I like to spend my time. I look just like the girl next door. So sometimes you really never know!

But I digress. I'd been chatting with some Vegas locals on Fetlife to see if I could find something (or someone!) fun to do while we were visiting. Much to my surprise, there isn't much of a BDSM scene in Las Vegas, or if there is one they don't share it with the tourists, which I suppose would make sense. I decided I wasn't interested in going to a swinger's club, but a hookup would be awesome. So I started chatting with *Ryan, who deals blackjack at Aria. He was cute and really nice, and we spent the weeks prior to the trip getting to know each other and I was looking forward to meeting him :) He was shy in person but when I leaned over and kissed him, it was really good. I knew I wanted to get to know him better.

And of course, this is where that lovely enormous suite at Trump came in! There was a huge L shaped sectional sofa in the living room, which was just perfect for me to lie back in the corner with my legs spread so he could lick me to some satisfying orgasms. I really needed that. The best part was, he was delightfully subby, so after I coated his face with my pussy juices, I just kissed him goodbye and let him leave with his erection straining against his zipper. Perhaps sometime I'll get back to Vegas to see him again!

Mark and I had a lot of fun, too. We went out for some really nice dinners together, and spent one evening downtown getting really, really drunk! That isn't something we normally do, but hey, it's Vegas and it's easy to get a cab to take us back to the hotel room for some nasty hot drunk sex. On the couch and the floor and in the shower and on the bed...

Things are progressing with Jennifer, but I suspect they won't go in the direction that I'm ideally looking for. I like her very much and I really enjoy her company. I just think we're looking for different things in the BDSM world. And that's totally okay, I'm fine with having another friend and fuck buddy and play partner, but I'm still missing being in a D/s relationship. She and I had a really nice date before I left for Vegas, though. I went to her city and we had dinner together and went to see a live theatre performance about relationships. It wasn't great, but I enjoyed the company... and the kiss we shared afterwards gave me butterflies :) We have another date planned Friday and she asked me if I would like her to stay over. Oh yes, yes I would! After all, even if this isn't going where I want it to go, there's nothing wrong with having more awesome people in my life.


  1. For those of us in to this sort of thing, could you provide details on whether or not Mark got to enjoy watching your friend Ryan go down on you? I'm sure he could find a place to sit comfortably and watch in a big suite!

    1. @JFBreak, it was interesting... Mark wasn't interested in watching. He did express interest in a MFM, but Ryan wasn't comfortable with that since the one time he'd tried one it had gone sour. So we just reverted to the usual, me playing alone.

      At some point I'd enjoy a group sex encounter with Mark, but it'll happen when it does. I know he'd prefer it with a woman anyway.