Monday, 7 July 2014

On the Market

Well, unfortunately it seems like it's back to the drawing board. John is having some personal stuff cropping up in his life, so we decided to take a break from the BDSM for a while although we're still seeing each other occasionally. It can be a bit consuming at times :) So while I understand his situation, it's leaving a bit of a void for me. I'm already missing the D/s in my life. It's something that I need to have to fully express myself, so I'm back searching for a new submissive. I've been chatting with a few people on various dating and fetish sites but haven't yet found quite what I'm looking for. Patience, though! One thing I have learned from this lifestyle is that someone new always comes along. And in the meantime, I can still have a lot of fun!

I certainly am getting no shortage of offers to play! The local munch was a few days ago, and apparently word had gotten around about my electrical scene from the last party :) So I was approached by quite a few people who were interested in bottoming for me. I think it'll be a lot of fun! Not quite the same as getting my power needs met, but I really love electrical play so it'll still give me a chance to have a good time and show off my new toys.

Lately, I've been having some fun and sexy chats, though! There's a cute girl on OKC I've been talking to and we've had great chemistry together, but she lives 40 minutes away and has a pretty full calendar so I'm not sure how that'll work out. In the meantime, I'm enjoying it though. And there's this cute blogger I've been flirting with... you know who you are ;) Too bad she lives so far away, because I've been having some lovely and twisted fantasies about her.

Gotta keep myself busy until the right person walks by. Honestly, I think it's so much harder to find a kinky match than a vanilla one. I'm looking for a submissive for a romantic relationship, so we have to have all the vanilla compatibility I'd need in a secondary relationship (similar hobbies/interests etc), then s/he has to be submissive, then s/he has to be open to polyamory, then s/he has to share enough similar fetishes for things to work, and desire for the same level of intensity together. It's not all that easy to find! But oh, it's worth the wait when it works :)

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