Sunday, 10 August 2014

An Electrifying Date

Well, I had a seriously awesome day. Jennifer and I have been flirting via text for days and building up the anticipation for seeing each other. When I have a person that I am planning to play with regularly, I have them fill out my version of a BDSM questionnaire. I originally started out using someone else's version, but the more I've learned in the kink community about my own likes and preferences and what I want to know about my partners, the more modifications I've made. At any rate, discussing someone's answers is erotic in itself :) What I like to do is effectively surprise my play partners, so I need to know all about their desires and limits, so that I know they will be comfortable with what I have planned. Negotiating scenes, while necessary, spoils the unpredictability so I'd rather do it all up front and just make changes as needed.

So, I'd told her to wear clothes that she didn't mind throwing out. I'm not sure if she suspected my plans, but I was very much looking forward to it! When she arrived, I kissed her intensely; I'd be planning and fantasizing about our scene for days. Her mouth tasted like oranges :) I did some prep upstairs, and then fastened my pink leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles and padlocked them shut. She lay down spreadeagled on my bed blindfolded, still dressed, while I attached the cuffs to the steel frame. I felt that familiar rush... she was entirely in my power. I could do whatever I wanted to her and she couldn't escape or stop me unless I allowed it.

She knew we were going to do her first electrical scene, but that's it. I started off slowly, and worked over her clothes. What surprises most people is that violet wand electrodes are actually more intense when used over thin clothing, because of the spark gap. But I just wanted to keep the anticipation going and have her off balance wondering when they were coming off. I love reactions :)

Finally, I got impatient to play with her fantastic breasts- she's easily a natural DD with fantastic nipples that were so inviting. So I grabbed my scissors and cut the shirt and bra off her body while she was still bound. I loved watching her shiver when I used a Y electrode over the curve of her breasts and along her throat. I left her pants on for now... more anticipation. I used a variety of different electrodes on her and watched her wiggle, not that she had much motion permitted!

I got impatient, though, and started to cut at the bottoms of her leggings and then realized how much more fun it was actually to rip them off her body. That was intense :) And I carefully cut off her panties, and then she was finally naked for me. I used a few more electrodes on her, but stayed away from her pussy for now. Then I couldn't wait to get my hands on her. I used the body contact probe and at last got my hands and tongue on her. Kissing someone when electricity is flowing through our lips is so sexy. I trailed my mouth down her neck and started to suck and nibble on her nipples while she moaned. Her pussy had started to open for me and I could see how much she was turned on, and how badly she wanted me. I used my hands to gently tease her thighs before I finally worked my way down to her pussy and started to lick her clit with my electric tongue. She started moaning and came quickly while I licked and fingered her to a few orgasms. I turned off the violet wand and turned on my Hitachi- while I'm not a fan of them, I've never met another woman who didn't love it! I slowly turned up the speed and she had an intense shuddering orgasm and squirted all over the bed. It was so hot!

Afterwards, some cuddles and relaxing in bed together before we went downstairs for a snack and curled up onto the couch to watch a movie together. It was a really, really awesome night and I'm looking forward to seeing her again! I don't think we're going to develop a D/s relationship that will work outside the bedroom, but so far I'm really enjoying the chemistry for what we have together.

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