Friday, 8 August 2014

Happy Endings

It's funny; it seems like a really common fantasy in the early stages of this lifestyle involve a massage with a happy ending. I've seen lots of people on message boards write about stories where their wife has gone to the spa and come back either having fucked the therapist or gotten a happy ending of some sort. I'm inclined to disbelieve most of them, simply because of the whole accepting money and having some kind of sex = prostitution thing, and I doubt many therapists would be willing to risk their license over some babe when they could hook up with her later and in private for free. But hey, truth is always stranger than fiction (look at my life!) so you never know!

I had met a guy at last month's BDSM munch who is a retired massage therapist, and he had offered for me to come by some time and he'd give me a massage. *Cecil is old enough to be my father, but he's a nice person and I enjoyed chatting with him. He told me he was always happy to spend time with his hands on a beautiful woman, which definitely gave me a nice feeling! And I do love massages, and it had been a while. So we chatted again on Wednesday and he offered for me to come by yesterday, and I decided to take him up on it.

He had a room in his house all done up like in a professional spa, with a fancy massage table and the soothing music and hot stones and everything. It was pretty cool! I didn't know where exactly things were going to go bu figured I'd stay open minded. And since I had slept funny and woke up with a sore neck, this felt SOOO good. It felt just like a regular massage at the spa while he was working the knots out of my neck and shoulders. Maybe less so as he worked down my body... you don't normally get a butt massage at the spa! But I've been to Thailand before and I'm used to "full body" massages, so it didn't make me uncomfortable. The hot stones were fantastic, too. At first they felt just a little too hot, but then they melted the tension away.

As Cecil worked down my back to my thighs, I started to pick up a bit of a vibe :) As he massaged the inside of my thighs, the back of his hand brushed against my pussy lips casually. I didn't respond because I was just enjoying being in the moment. In most of my interactions sexually I'm Dominant, and occasionally it is nice to just lean back and focus on sensation and not on thinking. I don't enjoy being submissive because I won't give up power, but this was a nice, power neutral situation where he just wanted to make me feel good, and I was going to allow that! So he continued working down my leg and left my pussy alone, which I noticed left me feeling a little disappointed. I was definitely starting to get wet for this man who is nearly thirty years older than I am. Then he went around the table and started working on my other thigh and his hand brushed against my pussy lips once more. I didn't move, but I'm sure my breathing was coming harder and he finally ran the side of his hand directly over my clit a few times... not enough to make me cum, but enough to make me want it. I could hear him panting as he told me that I had a beautiful pussy, but he was going to forget to finish the massage if he stayed there!

When he was done with my legs, he asked me to roll over onto my back and just looked at my body for a moment and told me that he was feasting his eyes. I smiled and just relaxed while he massaged my collarbone and worked his way down to my breasts, which also made me feel like he had a direct line to my pussy. Once again I found myself being a little disappointed when he went back to "regular" massage stuff, but hey, I do like a good massage and Cecil is very good with his hands!

I was feeling very relaxed and pretty sleepy when Cecil finished with my neck and face, so it was a bit of a wakeup when I felt that vibrator buzzing on my clit! I had an orgasm almost before I knew what was happening, but I definitely wasn't going to ask him to stop. Did I mention before how good he was with his hands? Well, with that little vibrator and a few silicone cocks, Cecil kept me cumming, and cumming, and cumming, until I was a sweaty mess. Then he had me sit up on the end of the table and put a wedge pillow behind me so I could sit propped up, and fucked me with the vibrator while he licked my clit. It was so good and so intense. I was pretty worn out by the time we went outside to sit on his patio and have some water!

Definitely a good way to spend an afternoon. Go figure, I had actually posted a Craigslist ad recently to get a massage and some pussy licking. I hadn't imagined things were going to play out with Cecil like they did, but that was much better than I could have expected from some random guy! So, note to self; fuck massage therapists more often, they sure as hell know what they're doing! And Cecil's already invited me to come back for another massage when I feel the need. I suspect I will!


  1. well then, sounds like a great release :D

  2. Whoa, that is some steamy stuff, girl! I say that you are maximally in charge when you can relax and let your slave massage you. You didn't mention in OHW that he admired you verbally, used toys, and licked you. That sounds like even more fun. Since I am 64, the age dynamic is likely to be similar, except he is actually masterful at this. I'm glad to hear he included a good facial massage, though I think I might be tempted to start at the face. Anyway, it's a wonderful story and the detail is sufficient to make it a valuable lesson for all men who aim to please women. Thanks for putting it all out there as only you know how to do!

  3. Several of my favorites videos of a certain kind involve massages that end happily - so glad to know it happens in your life!

  4. Hi Happy Hotwife,
    We live in Guelph, is there a website for Cecil? If you don't want to post it here, please email us at


    1. @Anonymous, Cecil is retired so no, he doesn't have a website. That would be illegal, remember? You're also a bit out of your area.

      Good luck finding what you're looking for, but I suspect this one often is fantasy for a reason.

  5. I have many friends in Thailand my girlfriend is from there. Love Thai massage and a happy ending is just that.

  6. A perfect massage is done only by a perfect woman. If the woman who make massage have big boobs, beautiful eyes and sexy legs, massage performed is perfect, ...and if she's your wife everything is a dream.