Friday, 29 August 2014


Well, life has been interesting lately!

I've been chatting with a guy on OKC lately and enjoying getting to know him. I have to be honest, that's one of the big attractions of poly. I get to meet and connect with so many awesome people. Most of them wouldn't be compatible in a life partner sense, but just getting to know them and relate to them is a pleasure. I have learned so much and tried new things as a result of having new partners, and I love it.

Once again, I'm not sure about the long term feasibility of this guy, since he lives about an hour and a half away and doesn't drive, but I've made it work before. Guess we'll see :) He's also a switch which usually makes me a little more cautious, but so far he's been pretty subby around me. I'm in no rush though- it'll go where it goes.

So *Henry and his friend *Frank were going to a city near me to visit a friend, and suggested they could drop by on their way home if I was interested in hanging out. We'd been camming and texting a lot, so I figured, why not? His friend seemed pretty nice and we were all hanging out in the living room with a couple of drinks when one of them asked me a question about my electrical play gear, since they know I'm into it. I invited them upstairs to my bedroom to see my gear. After all, much easier than bringing it all down!

We ended up doing a bit of an impromptu scene, which was pretty mild. I don't really like to get too intense before I've spent time talking in detail to my partner. They were curious about various electrodes and things that I do, so we messed around a little. It was a lot of fun! Then they were curious about things in my toy box, so we had a lot of my gear around and were just talking kink and the atmosphere was starting to get very charged. I was wearing a short purple and gold dress and black sparkly panties. We were all sitting on the floor which gets uncomfortable and necessitates position changes. I made a joke that they had probably seen my panties by then, and Henry's friend remarked very quickly, "oh yes I love the black sequins". Fun :) I was enjoying the flirting and the tension.

When I pulled out the body contact probe which allows me to use my body parts to shock my partner, Frank excused himself to go to the bathroom so I decided to take the opportunity to enjoy the tension a bit more. I asked Henry if I could kiss him and he said yes. Now, if you've never experienced an electric kiss, it's a pretty awesome thing. It feels almost like being pulled together magnetically. So when people say that sparks flew on their first kiss... ours really did!

After some more conversation and just hanging out (it was actually starting to get pretty late, around one am), with the occasional look thick enough to cut the tension on the room, Henry mentioned that he was good at massage. I said that if it didn't bother Frank, I'd be interested in finding out. He didn't mind, so I took off my dress and lay down on my bed. Being kinky is awesome. I just love being open about what I want and things being relaxed. Of course, Frank perved my naked body but clearly that didn't bother me or I wouldn't have undressed in front of him, right? ;)

Henry really did have some talent in that area and I was enjoying myself. Frank asked if he could borrow a pillow and was about to lie down on the floor when I pointed out that I have a king size bed and Henry and I were only using half of it. So he lay back and was watching Henry run his hands all over my body. My pussy was dripping wet by the time he finished, and I could feel Henry's hard cock pressing against my leg. I pulled him down to kiss me and told him to take off his shirt. I loved feeling his hot skin pressing against mine while we touched and kissed. He's actually the first man I've been with to have a *real* mustache and beard. Not some little trimmed thing, but basically a ferret pasted on his face. It was kind of funny finding his mouth in there at times!

When I started to rub Henry's cock through his pants, he offered to make it easier for me and took off the rest of his clothes. I heard Frank's breathing start to catch while he watched me take Henry's cock in my mouth. Both men are so reactive! I loved watching Henry's eyes roll back in his head while he enjoyed my tongue and lips on his cock, and listening to Frank enjoy the show. When I was done teasing Henry, I told him I wanted him to lick my pussy and spread my legs. Henry is a musician and definitely knows how to use his hands! Frank was definitely showing a lot of interest when he listened to me have orgasm after orgasm. I teased him a little bit verbally but didn't go any further than that.

I was seriously considering making a move on Frank or even just inviting him to join us, but eventually I decided not to. I've been waiting quite some time to have Mark involved in my first MFM, and I have specific things that I want to happen, so while it was tempting, I decided to wait. This was the first time it really would have evolved organically and I'm sure it would have been good, but what's the rush? I'm sure I can fuck them together another time if I want to :) Also, Frank commented he was feeling a little spacey from the scene we did earlier, and I don't like to play with people who might be in an altered state of judgment unless I really know them well. While I doubt he'd regret fucking me, you never know. Besides, the tease was a LOT of fun. He commented that he was enjoying the denial aspect, which he'd only learned about five minutes before! It was really awesome letting another man play with my pussy while he watched, his erection straining in his pants, and couldn't do a thing about it. So, while I kind of had a MFM, one was purely a voyeur, so I decided to put the backslash in the post title, and only added one man to my 2014 count.

After some more satisfying orgasms, I wanted cock. I told Henry the condoms were in my nightstand and he rolled one over his cock. It felt so good when he slid into my dripping wet pussy. He enjoys missionary as much as I do (yes, that's right, readers- this kinky chick actually loves the most vanilla sex position there is!). I love being face to face with my partner- the kissing, the touching, the nibbling. It's just so awesome. We switched to a scissor type position, which I'd actually never tried before. I loved how easy it was for him to play with my clit while he fucked me though. It felt so good. We fucked for a long time- I was impressed at his stamina! My pussy was nice and achy today :)

We cuddled and kissed some more afterwards before I finally had to kick them out- it was 4am and I had to be up in three hours! It was definitely an exciting first meeting though and I'm looking forward to seeing him again soon. He's been texting me frequently, so I think he enjoyed himself as much as I did. Oh, and he left his hat here- isn't that an old trick? ;) Either way, we have plans to get together at the local munch next week. Good times!


  1. Great post! its funny how some things work out, and organic situations are always awesome, shame the mfm didnt really work out but I also understand and totally respect the reasoning.

  2. Awesome!! A MFM is at the top of my bucket list too.