Thursday, 30 April 2015

Vanilla is a Flavour, Too

Henry and I haven't seen each other since Easter, since we've both had life stuff going on. He texted me yesterday and asked if he could come by and drop off a few things, and for he and Frank to spend the night here since it's a long drive. Sure! I had actually had plans with Jennifer, but she called and asked me if we could reschedule since she wasn't feeling well. So, it worked out, or I'd have had to say no to Henry. Poly and logistics! But unless it's an emergency, I hold to the plans I've made first, unless it would be dramatically unfair to one of my partners. I wouldn't want to be constantly rescheduled on, either. Y'know, it's funny how all the rules we make basically boil back down to respecting ourselves and others. When we do those things, it tends to go well.

They didn't get here until very late last night, but it as so good to see Henry. He was so wiggly and excited to see me, it was rather like having a puppy :) Actually, I jokingly asked him if he was on something because he seemed wired, but he said no, he was just happy to be here. Frank said he'd had a rough couple of days, so he gave me a hug and said he just wanted to go to bed. He's slept in my guest room before so it wasn't a problem.

I haven't really given any more thought to having a MFM with the two of them, anyway. Frank seems to have a lot of relationship stuff on his plate right now and he isn't sure if he's mono or poly, plus he feels like his sexual orientation is fluctuating at the moment. Just seems like it has a lot of potential to open a can of worms, so it's better to keep things platonic for now.

It wasn't long before Henry and I were upstairs naked in bed. We started off with some cuddles because it had been a few weeks and it just felt so good to have our arms around each other, and skin on skin is fantastic with a lover. And then I could feel him pressing his cock against me. I laughed and asked him what if I wasn't horny, and he joked that it would be a cold day in hell if that happened! I wouldn't go quite that far, but yeah, under the circumstances, he was probably pretty accurate :)

We kissed and things heated up and got urgent really quickly. He fucked me sideways and played with my clit until I had several intense orgasms, while I was toying with his nipple rings. Those are so sexy, I really like playing with them even without electricity! Then he asked me if I'd like to go for a ride. Oh, yes, yes I would :) My pussy was making lovely squishy sounds by this point, sliding back and forth over his hard cock. Lots of kisses and tongues and playing with nipples and sounds and body fluids everywhere... it was a good time :)

Sometimes, we don't need all the toys or accoutrements of BDSM. It's awesome and fulfilling and arousing, but vanilla sex can feel connecting and romantic, too. I remember leaning forward and brushing his hair off his face while I was riding his cock, and kissing down his neck and not even nibbling a little bit! And the best part? When we were curled up afterwards getting ready to sleep, he whispered in my ear "I love you, Princess."

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