Thursday, 2 April 2015


It has been a long time since I've seen Adam last. It's kind of funny to realize that he and I have been having sex together off and on for three years now. He was my first local hotwifing partner. We were talking about it today and we both like seeing each other. He likes it because there's no pressure. He knows I'm not looking for anything but a good time with him, and we can just relax and have fun. I like it because he doesn't treat me like a booty call. We might not email much in between visits, but we do chat occasionally and whenever he comes over we spend like half an hour catching up on each other's lives before we finally get down to the fun :) There's a nice mutual respect there and we genuinely like each other which is a good foundation for even something as casual as what we have.

When we took our clothes off, he took his time kissing my neck and my shoulder and getting me all worked up. "You've still got it," he whispered in my ear. It's so nice to hear stuff like that right now. It wasn't long before we were making out, and then I got my mouth on his hard cock. I hadn't given a blowjob in so long... funny how I missed that. Henry isn't the biggest fan of oral sex either way, so while I give him head once in a while it's not a frequent thing. I worry that I'll get rusty! I really love sucking cock and I don't want my skills there to degrade.

It wasn't long before he was moaning and thrusting his hips at my mouth, so I stopped since I knew we both still wanted to fuck afterwards. He told me how much he'd enjoyed that, and I told him that I think I'd had almost as much fun! It was funny that we repeated that conversation in reverse after he licked my pussy. He kissed his way down my body, spending time teasing my nipples, before finally getting to my clit. And this is why Adam is still in my little black book after three years! He made me cum so many times. It's been a long time since I had a really good tonguing, and it felt amazing. I was craving to be filled with hard cock, so he grabbed a condom and we had a nice long fuck before collapsing in a sweaty mess.

We just hung out for a little while longer, chatting about random stuff. He was curious to see my violet wand and said he could understand what people might like about it. He's as vanilla as they come, but there's nothing wrong with that. And he's definitely got some skills. We were chatting about maybe getting together a little more often, but he's quite a ways away and doesn't work around here anymore, so I guess we'll see. It's nice to know I'm worth driving an hour plus each way for, though! ;)

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  1. glad he knows how to eat pussy...its nice when a guy can go down and get a girl off and can also get her off with his cock...very sexy posting