Friday, 24 April 2015


Sometimes, poly life gets complicated! Jennifer and I have seen each other, but haven't really had a solid, focused-on-each-other date in ages. Twice she's been here when I was melting down over Mark and just wasn't in the mindset for a playdate or sex. Being the amazing person that she is, she was patient with me. She's also had some work and life stuff going on that made her schedule more complicated so it had definitely been a while! We talk every day by text, but I think we were both starting to feel a little physically disconnected.

Her husband had bought her a few new impact toys, and we both liked the idea of me being the first one to use them on her. She loves light to medium impact play, and she asked me to spank her ass until it was nice and red. Did I want to? Oh hell yes. Jennifer has an amazing ass and I love just about everything to do with it.

Between the two of us, we had quite the collection of impact toys to use. Various floggers, crops, and paddles, made of wood, silicone, and leather. It was fun trying out different implements on her, slowly building up the intensity, until she was actually leaning out her ass into my strokes. That was crazy hot to see.

And of course, it's fun to mix a little pleasure with the pain! I started to play with her pussy with one hand while I spanked with the other, teasing at first, and then trying to get her to orgasm while she was being beaten. She loves penetration, so I slid a dildo inside her and held it in place while I continued to paddle her and it wasn't long before she was squirting all over my spanking bench. So sexy! I gave her quite a few orgasms until I started to get the feeling she was going into subspace, so I started ramping down the intensity before we stopped and I gave her a hug and a kiss and told her she was my good girl and had done well.

She was pretty spacey afterwards, and it was lovely knowing that I was the one who had put her there. We went downstairs and cuddled on the couch so she could come down slowly, had a glass of wine and watched a movie. We were both pretty tired afterwards so we decided just to go to sleep. She was staying over, so we knew we'd have time in the morning!

And so we did. Vanilla is a flavour too, sometimes! I nibbled and kissed my way down her neck and started to play with her amazing breasts. She has a fantastic rack and whenever I take her to a party, she gets comments :) I love showing her off. But that morning, she was all mine. I sucked and twisted her nipples before working my way down to her pussy. It's interesting how both she and I like to be played with very different ways. She loves penetration and with the exception of fisting, I'm all about the clit. Experimenting is fun, though! I brought her to a few more orgasms until she squirted all over my face. So nice to have visible results that you're pleasing your partner!

She begged to return the favour, so I let her lick my clit and finger my pussy until I had a few nice orgasms of my own. I didn't squirt, but sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. Unfortunately, we were interrupted by my cat, who had managed to push the supposedly locked bedroom door open and jumped on the bed waiting for attention. Jennifer yelled at her "We have enough pussy in here already!" and I laughed so hard that it was pretty much over. But it was a damn good way to wake up! We cuddled and kissed before she had to get going home and we both said that we felt much better having gotten that time together. I have such an amazing girlfriend and I'm lucky.

Can't wait to see her again. We have plans for relatively soon, so hopefully that will work out. I think I might want to light her on fire :)

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