Wednesday, 1 April 2015

High Protocol

I love high protocol parties. It's just so pleasant to relax and know that if I need something, that it will be taken care of. And it's all in a very female positive environment, which is a nice change from the usual party. While it's not that I don't enjoy having male Doms around sometimes, it's just a different atmosphere which I enjoy. There have been some interesting thoughts rolling around in my head lately about gender stereotypes and BDSM orientation that I might have to write about at some point, but basically, I do think that the majority of F/m relationships have a different focus than the M/f majority. There's nothing wrong with anyone negotiating a relationship to involve whatever they want as long as both/all parties agree to it, but it's interesting to see some of the differences.

It was nice to walk in the door and have a submissive hold it open and take my coat and my shoes so I could go change into something more party appropriate. I decided to wear a red and black lace and PVC dress with black fishnet thigh highs and strappy stiletto sandals. Lots of fun. When I sat down, someone came to take my drink order and to offer hors d'oeuvres. It's basically a fancy cocktail party except that the men are wearing coloured tags defining the level of service they are willing to provide.

Erik had invited me to go, and this is one of my favourite parties, so I thought it would be fun. I wanted an opportunity to get to know him better after all. We spent the day hanging out and went for a nice dinner at one of my favourite restaurants before heading to the party. I met some really fantastic other Dommes and it looks like we're going to do some skill sharing which is pretty awesome. I would like to learn more about some of the stuff that she does, and she wants to learn electrical play. Sounds like fun to me!

Erik and I did a brief scene since he had never experienced electrical play before, and it was fun, but more like a lab just to give him a taste of it. I didn't know his body language well enough to read it, and he was inexperienced enough that I couldn't relax and trust him to tell me if I was pushing limits. I checked in frequently and used my number system but it kept me from getting too deeply into the scene.

We went back to his place afterwards and I could tell he was nervous but I was hoping to at least have a little fun. Unfortunately, it appears he also suffers from ED. I like him... but I also found out he smokes and frankly, I don't like the smell of stale smoke floating around. I told him today that I'd had a lovely time and would be happy to keep hanging out, but on a more casual basis. I told him the smoke was bothering me. I just don't think he and I would make a good long term match, and I didn't get that little zing of excitement that I get with Jennifer and Henry. At least he took it well, because he is a nice guy, but just not a good fit for me. Although I loved the little touches of service submission... he opened doors for me and never let my teacup get empty and held my coat for me. Oh well- c'est la vie!

I've been on Tumblr a lot and enjoy the lovely pictures there. Such a great place to find femdom porn :) I saw this photo and it really resonated with me. If I have to start over again, I want a D/s primary relationship. I want to find a man who not only understands my desires but who appreciates them and desires me more for them. So, maybe one day this will be me.

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  1. with some luck maybe it will....I hope it does anyway