Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Unexpected Happiness

Charles had an impromptu sleepover last night because of the freezing rain that hit last night. We didn't want to send him back out in that, so Henry suggested that he stay.

He normally doesn't sleep over on weeknights because he has to work so early in the morning, but it is really so nice to have the evening together without keeping an eye on the time. I'm not really used to dating someone without overnights- I used to stay over nearly every time I visited a partner. I like the big blocks of time so we can do everything. Cuddles, kinky play, sex, whatever other activities we enjoy... no pressure on time or someone having to leave tired. It's actually been an adjustment to go back to dating someone without sleepovers. And no complaints, Charles does still make big blocks of time available for me as he can- we usually spend 5-6 hours together each time. I just happen to like it so much better when neither of us has to watch the clock.

While we were cuddling before sleep last night, he told me how relaxed and comfortable and happy he was to be with me. It just melted me. I am so in love. He had to leave super early this morning so he was gone before I was awake, but he sent me a text that he slept so wonderfully and wished we'd had some time together in the morning because he'd woken up filled with desire for me and a raging erection. Yum... I'm sorry I missed out!

The part that tickled my funny bone is that Henry was out for part of the night, and he got home after Charles had fallen asleep and before I was asleep. So I sneaked out of bed and went downstairs to spend some quality time with my husband. Life is very, very good :)

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