Monday, 11 February 2019

Valentine's Day

I have never really been one to celebrate Valentine's Day. It's a Hallmark holiday that tells us to appreciate our relationships, buy overpriced cheap candy and flowers, and go out for a crappier than usual dinner. Doesn't seem like the best investment of time or money. I'd rather have my relationship appreciated every day, not just when stores think I should be spending money.

But, I'll happily attend a Valentine's Day BDSM party- now that sounds like fun! Henry and Charles and I all went together and we had a lovely time. I had plans to play with a sexy young girl who very much enjoys the combination of pain and electricity. It was seriously awesome and I had a wonderful time.

I love going to parties with my two handsome men, and walking around with one arm around each of them. It's awesome getting kisses from them on both sides of my face and having two men look at me with those adoring looks on their faces. I am so lucky!

After my scene, we went and snuggled on one of the couches together, and I sprawled across the two of them- my upper body in Charles' lap, and my legs across Henry's. It was so wonderful being with the two men I love like that! Leaning up to kiss Charles while holding Henry's hand, and getting my feet rubbed by Henry while Charles was stroking my arms.

And then Henry decided to get a little familiar. So here we were in a social area with three couches facing each other and a whole room full of people with several play stations going, and he slid his fingers up my skirt while I was kissing Charles. It was electric (pun intended!). Charles told me how sexy it was to hear me gasping. My pussy was already drenched from my play scene earlier and I could feel how wet I was with his fingers drumming on my clit and then thrusting inside me. Henry knows exactly how I like to be touched and it was amazing. It wasn't long before I was orgasming in front of so many people who were enjoying the show! Charles was kissing me and stroking my arms and throat while Henry was making me feel so good. No oral or genital penetration at this party, but toys and fingers were just fine!

I wanted so badly for them both to come home so that I could have their cocks, too, but it was really late and we were all tired and had early mornings. So... rain check? :)

It was a really awesome Valentine's Party with my boys, even if I didn't get to be greedy it was certainly better than dinner and a movie!


  1. just popping in to say hello, sounds very sexy and fun.

  2. doing well, sex life is very .... boring, if not existant.
    loving my new retirement life.

  3. I totally agree about Valentines...awesome that you had a better way to celebrate!