Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Nothing too exciting lately- my husband and I just got back from vacation and we had decided in advance that this trip was going to be just for us. I was happy with that; since we have a young child, it's great for us to have some time for ourselves to reconnect away from the stress of real life. So no extramarital sex, but we had a lot of fun. I always enjoy rejoining the balcony club ;) It was a real turn on to be naked on my knees sucking his cock out in the warm sea breeze and knowing there were people out on their balconies just a few feet away!

We did have a lot of fun people watching, though. Now, Mark really has no interest in playing with another woman; he's told me that he thinks he's a one woman man. But that didn't stop us from checking out people of both genders onboard and kidding around about them. Every time he saw an attractive woman and asked me what I thought, I joked back that as long as he shared it was fine with me!

I don't actually identify as bisexual, but I've had an MFF threesome before. I don't have that same attraction to women as I do to men, but in a group situation, I don't really care who's licking my pussy! If it feels good, I'll go along with it. When I had my MFF back in November, Mark was out of town but on his way home. I told him I was going to hang out with a couple (I had met *James at a kink get together and we hit it off) but warned him that I didn't expect anything to happen. After all, my whole life I had always identified as straight and had no interest in having sex with a woman.

But labels are so sticky... so while I still identify myself as straight, I also know that I'm up for having fun and enjoying myself and seeing where it goes. After all, I am doing things now that I would never have imagined, so who knows what I'll be doing next year or even next month?

So I went to James and *Tina's house, and we had a few drinks and chatted. They are both great people and I really enjoyed their company. I find sex is really enjoyable with people that you have chemistry with and just plain like; I've never really been much for stranger sex (although at times that can be fun too!).

We went upstairs on the pretext that I was going to film James and Tina having sex. She was a little nervous too as this was also her first experience with a woman. So they started kissing and the clothes started coming off while I watched. It was incredibly erotic to watch two people live having sex- much better than porn! James looked at me and smiled and said he thought I was wearing too many clothes. I put the camera down and walked over, and slid out of my skirt. He kissed me and pulled my shirt over my head. I hadn't quite planned on playing, but I came prepared anyway in a purple satin and black lace bra and thong with matching garter belt and black stockings. I took off the bra and panties but left on the garter and stockings.

After that, my memory is a jumbled haze of fingers and tongues and lips. I remember sucking James' cock while Tina played with my pussy, and I remember making out with Tina while James used a vibrator on both of us. And I remember having some very intense orgasms. It was a lot of fun. I didn't go down on Tina because I was a little nervous, but maybe next time I'll feel more comfortable. Either way, my first experience in group sex was a lot of fun!

And Mark went absolutely crazy when he got home. I beat him there by about ten minutes and he was texting me nonstop begging for details. When he came home, he just bent me over, ripped off my panties, and fucked me hard and fast. He just couldn't get enough. I think this is what it must be like for "traditional" hotwives! Almost a little overwhelming. But I was glad he enjoyed the thought!

But, I'm sure the next item on my bucket list will be a lot more fun! I've been dying to have a MFM for quite some time. I want so many things... I want to be on my knees with two cocks to play with. I want to be spit roasted. I want to have my pussy licked while making out with the other man. And my ultimate fantasy is to be licked while I am getting fucked. I think that will be the most intense pleasure. I'm not quite ready for double penetration yet, but one day I think I'd love that.

Mark and I are trying to set it up and I have permission to start looking for a third. I don't know if it'll work before he leaves for his next long haul run, but I can't wait to experience it!


  1. I love this story. I love that they invited you film them and even more that you were invited to join in.

    Looking forward to more stories!