Wednesday, 6 March 2013


So, lately I've decided to broaden my horizons and try something new. Perhaps it's not something you'd expect of me, but I really am shy at heart. I feel awkward in large groups unless I have people I know around, or in unfamiliar situations.

However, I am finding that I really miss kink. I did a little play with one of my partners last year that I had a solid, trusting relationship with, and I really enjoyed it. We don't see each other anymore because of various reasons, but I wanted to do some more exploring. I set up a profile on FetLife and decided to go to a local munch. I was a little anxious about going by myself to a new situation, so I invited Andrew to go with me. He has never been involved in kink but was curious so he said yes. The pictures he's seen of me in rope really turned him on, to say the least!

I think both of us were a little overwhelmed, but I tried to get over my shyness and smile and meet new people. I think I did a little of that but it was still kind of foggy if that makes any sense. I don't remember anyone's name but I passed out a few cards and met one really cute guy that interested me and we flirted a bit. It was an interesting experience to go there with one guy and still be looking at picking up others! There was one point in the evening that I had my high heeled boots in Andrew's lap (I was wearing a flowing skirt and a tight black low cut sweater, and garters and black stockings underneath) and I was flirting with another guy sitting next to me- surreal but a lot of fun!

After the munch, we went back to Andrew's place for a little fun. I had warned him that it was the end of my cycle and I'd be happy to just give him head, but he told me he didn't mind. Oh, that got him big brownie points :) I still gave him the blowjob, and he gave me several satisfying orgasms with his fingers. One of the things I really enjoy about him is that he's a kisser and a cuddler. There isn't a lot more satisfying than hot, passionate kisses where you just want to rip each other's clothes off... and snuggling on a man's chest and enjoying the afterglow is the best.

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