Thursday, 5 June 2014

Coming Out

Not me, silly. What else could I come out as? I'm already a polyamorous, polysexual, bisexual, Dominant woman. I don't think there would be much more to come out as!

Last night Mark came with me to his first BDSM munch. It was actually funny seeing everyone react when I introduced him. I mean, I've been going out in the community for two years now, and he'd never joined me. So everyone kind of gave a shocked look and said something along the lines of "Wow, he really does exist!". It was pretty funny, actually. But it was really awesome to see him hanging out with all my friends. I know he's not really into the BDSM community so I doubt that he'll come out regularly, but now he's interested in coming out to some of the smaller hobby groups with me which is pretty awesome. It's nice to have him involved in my social life!

And the coolest part was when I turned around, John was there introducing himself to Mark. And they had a really nice conversation. It was actually pretty funny when one of my other friends came over, looked at John, looked at Mark, and said "Wow, you really have a type, huh?" I never really thought of myself as having one, since I consider myself sapiosexual, but yeah, John and Mark are very similar in appearance. So sue me- I like skinny geeky guys :) While that's not the only type I find myself attracted to, I can't deny that it's one I like.

So the three of us hung out for a while together on a couch, and it was just great. Polite but comfortable chat. We're going to set up a night for the three of us to hang out soon, although it won't be until Mark gets back from his next trip since I've got weekend plans with Greg :)

I liked that it was so easy to hang out with both my guys, to be affectionate and touch them and kiss them both. I liked that it was comfortable and socially acceptable and even admired to have two solid relationships going and to be able to enjoy them in public. It was pretty awesome to have Mark standing next to me chatting with a friend while I had one arm around him and the other around John.

Then Mark and I came home afterwards and had wickedly hot sex. I cuffed his hands together with my pink leather cuffs and rode his cock hard. I slapped his face a few times... SO good. That always makes me cum so hard. I made him beg me to cum. I was so wet I was dripping down onto his balls. We definitely needed that! Life is good!

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