Monday, 23 June 2014

Flying High!

Yesterday had some minor disappointments, but what a fantastic party! I got dressed up in a little red and black lace and PVC dress with matching black lace gloves, fishnet pantyhose, and my over the knee 6" stiletto shiny black platform boots. I felt smoking hot :)

I had been looking forward to this party for months, ever since I knew my electric play gear was coming! I worried that it wasn't going to arrive in time but it did make it, fortunately! I had been imagining using these toys for quite some time, and since there is only one manufacturer in the world who makes this stuff, I knew it would cause a bit of a stir!

John came to the party, but after about half an hour of socializing he told me he really wasn't feeling well and didn't think he was up to playing. I was disappointed, since he and I have such a good rapport when we play together and I had really wanted to have that kind of intense scene with him. But, shit happens, after all! So he went home, and I decided that despite generally not being interested in casual play, that I did still want to try out my new toys since I had been waiting so long to use them!

Another friend of mine, Shannon, was at the party. We'd gone out on a lunch date a month or so ago but hadn't chatted much lately since she'd been busy with her new job. But I remembered she liked electricity, so I asked her if she'd like to play. She was nearly as excited as I was when I showed her my new toys!

So I got to have my scene after all. At first, it was nothing special, just regular violet wand stuff that people have seen before, although electricity is pretty cool. Then I started to attach the electrical cups to her, and people thought I was just doing some vacuum cups in the middle of my scene. They didn't realize what was going on until I hooked a metal electrode into my wand and started shocking the cups! They lit up so beautifully that I'm going to have to get pictures at some point, because they looked fantastic. And Shannon was such a great bottom- lots of little squeals and wiggles. I really enjoyed playing with her! After the cups, I brought out some metal toys and shocked the edges of the marks the cups had left on her. I love leaving marks :) And of course, those areas are more sensitive to be played with after being cupped and shocked!

I heard afterwards that people were coming into the other room and telling people what I was up to and they should come see, so apparently I caused a bit of a buzz! I've already had two requests to play with them, and Shannon has indicated a desire to play again, which I am definitely up for. I'm feeling really good about this. I guess I feel like I've finally found my place in the local BDSM community, if that makes sense. I had a very experienced Dom mention he had a sub he'd like to send my way for some electrical play, and I took that as a very high compliment. It means that he respects my ability and thinks that I'm a safe practictioner (insofar as what I do is edge play, of course). And that's really a cool thing, and it matters to me. It feels really, really good to be respected for who I am and what I can do.

Oh, it was a good time. I wish I could have done it with John, but perhaps again in the future. Either way, I'm still pretty high from the scene and I can't wait to use my toys again!

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