Friday, 13 June 2014

Newer Isn't Always Better

I was surprised to see, looking back through my calendar, that it had been a really long while since Adam and I had been able to get together. He is actually my first extramarital sexual partner since we decided to continue in the lifestyle, so I've got a little bit of sentimentality there. There's no emotional connection, but I genuinely like him. We sit and chat and catch up on each other's lives before things start to heat up.

I find it really interesting that my relationships with different men go so many different ways, and not always what I would have anticipated. Clearly, I don't always need an emotional connection with my partners, since I've got a few casual guys that I don't. Sometimes things go in that direction and sometimes it's just a great fuck that keeps me coming back. I like Adam, but we're not really friends. We'll email or text back and forth occasionally but we never get together for anything other than sex. It just works, and that's awesome :)

Since it had been so long, I had wondered if I'd still enjoy him as much as I'd remembered I had in the past. Maybe he wasn't really as skilled as I'd thought? Except that yes, he was :) We kissed and touched for a while before I got to work on his cock. I've never made him cum from a blowjob before, but he says he genuinely can't. And he still loves it, and loves how long I can go down on him. I sucked his cock for nearly half an hour- he made such lovely noises! He told me he'd missed me :)

As soon as his tongue touched my pussy, I knew that I had missed him, too! So many orgasms... that was just what I'd needed. He really knows what I like and he's very good at giving it to me. And when he put on a condom and slid his cock inside me, it just felt so good. He's not as long or as thick as most of my other partners, but he does have that curve that I enjoy so much. A good fuck is always so relaxing.

We both agreed that we won't wait so long for our next get together! Unfortunately, distance can be a bitch. But, he is worth waiting for!

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  1. Awesome! I'm sooooo jealous. I need a fuck buddy or 3 right now!