Thursday, 8 January 2015


The next time came much sooner than we'd planned, but I'll elaborate more on that later. After the holidays my house was empty, with Mark at work and kiddo visiting relatives. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to have Henry stay with me for a few days. After all, my bed is way more comfortable :) I've had partners in the past joke that they come to visit my bed and not me! Of course, I do have to make them pay for that kind of remark!

Lots of sex and cuddles, staying up all night and sleeping in until afternoon. It was about as good as it gets! We put a dent in my Netflix list and got in a little more kink, too. Unfortunately I'd left some of my toys at Henry's house since I'd been planning to go there instead of having him here. I found myself missing my violet wand, but of course, that was just an opportunity to get back into some other kinds of play. We fooled around with the sounds some more; Henry really enjoys the sensation, especially when we combine it with some anal play as well. I suspect it feels pretty fantastic to be getting prostate stimulation from both sides!

He made a joke afterwards about needing a tag team to keep me satisfied, so it got me thinking. Henry had met Morgan at one of the recent BDSM parties, so why not invite Morgan over and see where it goes? Henry was okay with the idea. I really enjoy threesomes but found myself feeling a little possessive about sharing Henry. I decided that since I had a chance to cross a few things off my bucket list, that I'd go for it. It would be my first threesome as part of the "couple", rather than as a third or just with friends.

We had dinner together and socialized, then the three of us sat on the couch and started watching some TV. It wasn't long before Henry's arm slid around my shoulders, and then Morgan started joining our cuddles too. Then hands started to slide places and I started getting wet and squirmy. It was so fantastic having four hands roaming my body and making me feel good. I suggested we go upstairs, and we all climbed naked into my bed. Henry was kissing me and playing with my breasts while Morgan licked my pussy and it felt so good! Then Morgan started to suck Henry's cock while we continued making out and I played with his nipple rings. Did I ever mention how sexy I find those nipple rings? I love tugging on them, whether it's fingers or my teeth. I love the way they look and feel and the extra sensations I can give him when I chill them or shock them. But back to the action ;) At one point when Morgan started working Henry's balls, I sucked his cock so he could enjoy a double blowjob. It was fun listening to him moan and shiver.

I asked Morgan how I could make her happy, but she said she just wanted to keep enjoying us, and I really wanted some cock inside me! Henry and I got into a position that's kind of hard to describe. Rather like scissors? Either way, I was getting filled with cock and my clit was nicely exposed for Morgan's tongue. I had always wanted to be licked and fucked at the same time and it was SO good! I'm definitely going to want to do that again. And having a threesome where everyone would play with everyone was pretty awesome since I could feel Morgan's tongue licking down to clean my pussy juices off Henry's shaft, too. So sexy.

By then I was so worked up so I asked Henry to fist me. I don't think I've ever squirted so much! The bed was just drenched and I was moaning and cumming over and over while Morgan played with my clit. If anything else was going on, I have no idea because I was too busy flying! When I finally had to rest, we cuddled and kissed a little bit before I strapped on my Realdoe and slid it into Henry's ass while Morgan sucked his cock. It wasn't long before he exploded in Morgan's mouth and we wound up in a big cuddle pile for a little while before we went downstairs for some Turtles ice cream cake- yum! Sex and ice cream, what could be better?

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  1. That sounds like quite the fun time! Threesomes are especially intriguing. It's good to hear of ones where everyone gets to experience pleasure and joys to their tastes and no one leaves feeling cheated or less-than somehow. :)