Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Onwards and Upwards

It's been a while since I've written, but the holidays have been pretty busy. I can't believe how time flies! But I say that every year. You know you're getting older when things you look forward to seem to come up so quickly instead of dragging along!

Henry's birthday is right before Christmas. Poor guy, no one had ever really made a fuss of him. As a child, he said people tended to give him only one gift for both birthday and Christmas, and as an adult he'd never really had the time or inclination to make a fuss of himself. Birthdays have always been special to me, and I wanted to make him feel special, too. I think everyone should get spoiled for at least one day a year (but don't get me started on Hallmark holidays like Valentine's Day! :P) So I booked a hotel room in a tourist city nearby- and not just any hotel room; a Presidential suite with incredible views through the giant picture windows, a fireplace, and a huge two person Jacuzzi. It was fantastic (thank you, Priceline!). When we checked in, it wasn't long before I had him naked over my lap. Mustn't forget birthday spankings, of course! I had brought a lovely leather strap and made him count out the strokes... plus one for luck. He was so cute with a red bottom, getting dressed to go out to dinner. And of course, I gave him a little surprise to wear while we went out- a nice fat butt plug to keep him stretched for me. It was supposed to be remote controlled, and I'd tested it before I packed it, but it stopped working. Oh well- I couldn't buzz him at inopportune times, but it was still fun knowing that he was sitting there looking at the menu with that inside him!

We went to dinner at a fancy place that was just outside the touristy area, and it was really good- better than I had expected. Then we picked up a few bottles of champagne and some orange juice and decided to go back to the hotel room and get fabulously drunk. While I like the occasional drink or two, I generally don't get drunk with people unless I really trust them, because I know how it affects me :) Filter? What filter? :) I also get incredibly horny and might engage in behaviour I wouldn't sober, so I'd rather only drink heavily around people when I know it's okay to let loose! I also don't engage in BDSM play of any sort when I'm drinking, for safety reasons. Sex is fine, though!

Bottom line: mimosas in the hot tub while watching Family Guy on Netflix and then ordering horrifically overpriced room service and just kissing and playing together makes for an amazing experience. It wasn't long before we couldn't help ourselves and found ourselves dripping water from the tub all over the bed in our mutual desire to fuck. Henry is a lot of fun to get drunk with!

When we woke up in the morning, we got some breakfast and since we had a very late checkout, headed back to the room to get in some playtime. Unfortunately, the hotel bed was a bit problematic for bondage, since there were no bed legs- the boxspring was in a frame with a single solid piece. I joked that I'd have to write on the comment card that the lack of hard points in the room was really quite disappointing! We figured it out, though- running chain under the mattress wasn't as aesthetically appealing, but it certainly kept him in one place while I worked him over :) I had thrown quite a few fun toys in my suitcase, but decided just to go with my favourite and spent the rest of the morning building up intensity with my violet wand. I love electrical play. By the time I was finished with him, my pussy was dripping down my thighs and he gave me exactly what I wanted. A nice fist rubbing against my A spot and some clit play while I squirted all over the bed. It was so intense and fantastic. Then we decided to have another soak in the tub before it was time to check out. What a fabulous room we had, and an amazing time. We'll have to do that again sometime!

And the weekend wasn't over yet! The following day was a Christmas party thrown by his closest friends and family, and he invited me to come with him. It meant a lot to me that he wanted to introduce me to the people who are most important to him. We had a nice time at the party, although I didn't survive their tradition of staying up all night! Guess we shouldn't have had so much fun celebrating his birthday the night before ;) But just being there and meeting everyone was so nice, and they made me feel welcome.

We had talked about also going to a BDSM party the next day, but we were feeling pretty worn out from two days of busy, and decided instead to just have a quiet night in at home. Chinese takeout and a good movie and cuddles in bed. It's nice to be with someone who enjoys touch as much as I do.

As always, it was hard to leave the next day. But it always leads to anticipation for when I can see him again!


  1. you had a much more interesting holiday than i did, so thank you for sharing it.

    Have a wonderful 2015!

  2. I just love your stories they are so erotic and hot....and love your open sexuality